Men’sTrendy Hairstyles

Men usually get noticed with their hair fashion that fits their personality. A sexy haircut does not mean you need to look like Brad Pitt to appear cool and dashing.
Factors to consider in selecting the right haircut are personality, lifestyle and face shape. A barber or a hair stylist can help you choose the right one that fits you whether you want it short or long. It can be easier to choose a stylish hair dress when you get to see photos of the various men hairstyles in salon catalogs or hairstyles being worn by the modern male.
Short layered hairstyles are easiest to maintain. Using wax will keep the hair in place or make it look spiky, it can be highlighted too and simply can be styled with fingers.
My boys in their preferred haircuts, my husband and our sons JM and Yahmir.
I am a big fan of these gorgeous men in fashionable hairstyles

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Richard Gere
Having a good haircut is essential, in my opinion, a clean and well styled hairstyle will make a man look decent, respectable and good looking .
Below are more pictures of trendy hairstyles.

Tips to keep Bones Healthy and Strong

Bones become brittle as we grow older, and may lead to osteoporosis, a disease that causes bone loss. Generally, women have this condition. However, not only elders can have poor bone health but also children and young adults as well. We need to give importance to our body resistance and immunity but do not neglect taking good care of our bones too.
Eat a balanced diet rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin D.  The building blocks of strong bones which improves bone and muscle health at all ages. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, fish and nuts are excellent sources of calcium and protein.  As for vitamin D, sunlight is still the best, but you can also get it from fatty fish and eggs.
Daily exercises help build and maintain strong bones.  It also prevent muscles from wasting away.  Recommended exercises are weight lifting exercises, weight bearing aerobic exercises.  But before doing so consult an orthopedist first.

Healthy lifestyle, take note that smoking, excessive alcohol and sedentary lifestyle all contribute to making oneself susceptible to Osteoporosis

Know your Plastic Bottles

To ensure chemicals are not seeping in your children’s drinking bottles, whether it is a feeding bottle or a water bottle, it is important to pay attention to what type of plastic is the bottle made of. Make sure that the plastic bottle you give for your children are safe for refilling or reusable. Harmful resins or chemicals contained in these bottles may pose severe health problems for you and your family.
Check the recycling numbers below:

Here are descriptions on Plastic Packaging according to American Chemistry Council.
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE). PET is clear, tough, and has good gas and moisture barrier properties. The resin is commonly used in beverage bottles and many injection-molded consumer product containers.
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is used to make many types of bottles. Unpigmented bottles are translucent, have good barrier properties and stiffness, and are well suited to packaging products with a short shelf life such as milk. Because HDPE has good chemical resistance, it is used for packaging many household and industrial chemicals such as detergents and bleach. Pigmented HDPE bottles have better stress crack resistance than unpigmented HDPE.
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC, Vinyl). In addition to its stable physical properties, PVC has good chemical resistance, weather ability, flow characteristics and stable electrical properties. The diverse slate of vinyl products can be broadly divided into rigid and flexible materials.
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). LDPE is used predominately in film applications due to its toughness, flexibility and relative transparency, making it popular for use in applications where heat sealing is necessary. LDPE also is used to manufacture some flexible lids and bottles as well as in wire and cable applications.  Includes Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).
Polypropylene (PP). PP has good chemical resistance, is strong, and has a high melting point making it good for hot-fill liquids. This resin is found in flexible and rigid packaging, fibers, and large molded parts for automotive and consumer products.
Polystyrene (PS). PS is a versatile plastic that can be rigid or foamed. General purpose polystyrene is clear, hard and brittle. It has a relatively low melting point. Typical applications include protective packaging, foodservice packaging, bottles, and food containers. PS is often combined with rubber to make high impact polystyrene (HIPS) which is used for packaging and durable applications requiring toughness, but not clarity.
Other. Use of this code indicates that a package is made with a resin other than the six listed above, or is made of more than one resin and used in a multi-layer combination.