9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for 2012

Try looking at yourself on the mirror, imagine yourself 10 or 20 years from now. Will you still be in good shape and condition or will you be suffering from an ailment?  As the year 2011 ends a new year 2012 is about to come, the time to make changes, dump the old unhealthy habits and change for a healthier lifestyle.  Self-motivation is the key to make the change happen.  Create new healthy habits for you and your family.

Here are tips on how to get started living a Healthy Lifestyle for the year 2012 and onwards.

  1. Eat healthy foods, stay away from junk foods and as much as possible enjoy cooking and eating healthy meals, it is best to cook your own food rather than always dining in restaurants or food chains.
  2. Substitute your children’s favorite chips to fruits.
  3. Consider going to the gym, or do home routine exercises.  Make sure to ask your doctor’s advice on the best exercise that will fit you.
  4. Count your salt intake, as high level intake of salt can push up your blood pressure.  
  5. Exert effort on eating a balanced diet as much as possible. Try monitoring your weight on your bathroom scale.
  6. De-stress, frown less and make a good laugh often, opt to think of the positive bright side.
  7. Take vitamins and supplements that will help boost your health.
  8. Encourage the whole family to live in a healthy lifestyle, supporting each other and participation will give a successful result.
  9. Go for an annual general check up to monitor not only your health but the family as well.
Live happy, enjoy life, and be healthy.  For a “Bonus Tip: Get a business health insurance policy in case you need any unexpected trips to the hospital or doctor.”

Ways on how to get a healthy skin glow

Age does not matter in terms of taking good care of skin. The skin can reflect and say a lot about a person’s general disposition and well being.  Achieving a healthy skin is an easy peasy job. Here are ways on how to get a healthy skin glow.
  •  If you have an outdoor activity, make a habit of wearing a sunscreen and keep away from the sun at its peak (10am to 2pm). Harmful rays of the sun can cause wrinkles, skin pigmentation and skin cancer.
  • Get enough sleep, for adults 7 hours sleep is recommended.
  • Know your skin type, oily or dry or combination. Use the appropriate products that will suit your skin type and stick to your skin care regimen.
  • Be aware that products with colors and fragrances can irritate the skin. I opt for organic products as much as possible.
  • Avoid frequent face washing or bathing as it strips the natural moisture of the skin.
  • Improper face cleansing can leave residue on the face which may cause the formation of pimples and blackheads. Use a facial wash intended also for your skin type.
  • Drink lots of water, as it flushes out the toxins inside the body.
  • A healthy lifestyle counts a lot in maintaining a glowing skin, choose the proper exercise for you and eat a balanced diet.
  • Keeping the skin clean is the best way to nourish it.

Diabetes Myths and Facts

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body either does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced causing to high blood sugar. Frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger are symptoms of a person who might be having this disease.
There are many opinions and statements I have been hearing about this disease, so I did some researching and compiled some of the myths and facts about it.
Myth: People with diabetes can never eat sweets.
Fact: Sweets can be eaten with moderation, limiting to eat them but not necessarily eliminated is the appropriate term.  For kids with Diabetes, they can eat a certain amount of sweet food as part of their balanced diet.
Myth: A person who eats too much sugar is prone to diabetes.
Fact: Chocolate fanatics are not destined to develop diabetes. The type 1 diabetes disease is caused by a destruction of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, which is unrelated to sugar consumption, while the type 2 is genetically inherited in most cases. If you are overweight, then it can increase the risk for developing type 2 diabetes because eating a lot of sugar can pack on the pounds.
Myth: Diabetes is infectious.
Fact: Diabetes is not contagious. You can’t catch it from another person like a cold or a flu. Although researchers think that getting type 1 diabetes may be triggered by something in the environment, like a virus, most people who get type 1 diabetes have inherited genes that make them more susceptible to the disease. If a family member has the condition, you’re at higher risk for the disease.
Myth: Insulin is the wonder drug for diabetes.
Fact: Taking insulin helps manage diabetes, but doesn’t cure it. It helps keep blood sugar levels under control, but taking insulin does not necessarily mean it will cure and correct the underlying cause.
Myth: Exercise is a No-no for Diabetics
Fact: Exercise helps diabetics to maintain ideal weight and prevents from gaining excess body fat.  It has been proven as a key factor in diabetes treatment plan.
Myth: People diagnosed with diabetes are condemned
Fact: Diabetics are not doomed; they can still do and lead a normal active life.  Diabetes does not rule out having fun and enjoying life. They can still travel and do their pasttime activities as long as they follow their treatment regimen. 

AntiGravity Yoga

AntiGravity Yoga has become so popular worldwide. I’ve been watching it online every now and then, wishing it will also be offered here in our country. Alas! the long wait has ended, we Filipinos can now experience the real AntiGravity class as it has come to Manila.

With the support of a Yoga Hammock, a suspended silk fabric above the ground, one can enjoy stretching and working core muscles. The method is a combination of performing series of yoga poses, coupled with acrobatics, calisthenics, and Pilates (a body conditioning routine). 

AntiGravity Yoga was invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison in 2007 in New York. He developed it as an acrobatic performance company with the mission of merging athletics and artistry.  It was initially created for athletes and gymnasts and later on became a hit workout across the globe.

AntiGravity Yoga exercises help improve a person’s agility and overall health. One can lose weight while defying the laws of nature. An alternative to the standard exercising procedures.  

Beyond Yoga offers the ever first AntiGravity Yoga in the Philippines located at Tomas Morato corner Scout Madrinian St., Quezon City. For more details you may visit their website at www.igobeyondyoga.com

Tonsilopharyngitis with Exudation

Inflammation of the tonsils is caused by viral or bacterial infection as a common cold virus usually being the culprit. Our tonsils are the first line of defense, under normal condition as viruses and bacteria enter the body through the nose and mouth; they are filtered in the tonsils.
Children and adults can have infected tonsils, as most types of this disease are contagious, spreading from one person to another by contact with the throat or nasal fluids of someone who is infected.

My eldest son recently has suffered from Tonsillopharyngitis with exudation.  It is an acute infection of both the pharynx and palatine tonsils. Symptoms in him include:
  • sore throat
  • dysphagia, painful or difficult swallowing
  • coughs
  • high grade fever
  • muscle pain
  • white or yellow patches on the tonsils
  • muffled voice
His clinical diagnosis upon seen by an EENT specialist was Tonsilopharyngitis with exudation. His tonsils are swollen and red having purulent exudation. His treatment involves antibiotics, antiseptic for mouth wash, paracetamol for fever, vitamins and oresol to rehydrate. The doctor told us if it was untreated it may lead to local suppurative complications (eg, peritonsillar abscess or cellulitis) and sometimes to rheumatic fever or glomerulonephritis. The doctor also assured us, as long as there will be no other complication to arise, it will resolve within 7 days upon continued medication.
Aside from the religious intake of prescribed medicines.  Soft diet is given to him, lots of fluids and fruits. He needs plenty of nourishment and rest.
The EENT doctor advised us thatTonsillectomy should be considered if group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) tonsillitis recurs repeatedly, that is more than 6 episodes per year, or more than 4 episodes per year for 2 years, or if acute infection is severe and persistent despite antibiotics.
As of this writing my son is already well, no more fever, no more throat pain and can eat a normal meal. He also had finished his seven days antibiotics treatment. He’s now fit and ready to get back to work.