Why Thyroid Cancer is Considered A Not-So-Bad Cancer Type

The recent announcement by Brooke Burke-Charvet, the popular co-host of Dancing With The Stars, that she was diagnoses with thyroid cancer is bringing new light to the subject. According to the National Cancer Institute, every year more than 56,000 people in the United States receive the same diagnosis.

thyroid cancer

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It is important that we realize that fewer than 1,800 of these people die each year from this disease. With this kind of prognoses, some doctors say this is the “good kind” of cancer to have if there is such a thing.

Surgery is the most often used method of treatment for thyroid cancer, and that is what Brooke will undergo. She says that her doctor made it clear to her that this will be a “happily-ever-after experience because the only thing that she will notice after she has become accustomed to replacement thyroid hormones is the tiny necklace shaped scar.   Read more

Insider’s Guide From A Dietician To Stay In Your Best Shape During Pregnancy


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When you’re pregnant, the sense of responsibility is huge. Suddenly, everything that you eat has the potential to affect your baby, sometimes with devastating implications. Here is a guide from a leading dietician on how to stay in your best shape during pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins

Many women dread taking their daily prenatal vitamin tablet; however it is essential to make sure both you and your baby are in the best possible health during your pregnancy. Both the size and the smell can be really off-putting, but you can combat the other side-effects of this important tablet. Try taking it at night to reduce the feelings of nausea and bloating that can sometimes occur. Make sure you don’t take the tablet on an empty stomach, as this will amplify any feelings of nausea you may experience.   Read more

Dizzy and everything is spinning? You might be having Vertigo


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Usually when a person is dehydrated or the blood pressure suddenly drops, dizziness is felt.  However, have you experienced instances when you feel lightheaded and you lose your balance when you get up too quickly from lying down or just simply sitting? You feel queasy, throwing up and the room spinning around you?  If this happens frequently see a doctor in the soonest time for you might be suffering from Vertigo

Dizziness usually gets better by itself with enough rest.  It may be caused by the medicines you took or it may be a motion sickness.  Read more

Makeup Advice for Pale Skin

pale skin

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Although the pale skin went out of mainstream fashion after the Victorian age, as soon as the wealthy became the only people who could afford to systematically top up their tan. That doesn’t mean that pale skin is any less beautiful, just because the tides of fashion have turned. Unfortunately, if you do have truly pale skin, a tan is naturally out of your reach (any hint of sunlight and you burn!). This means that you’ve got to take control of your own style now and make your beautiful skin shine.   Read more

Facts About Pain Management

Among all the body ailments that a person could experience, pain is something that needs to be eradicated the soonest time possible. In fact, in the triage of emergency situations and first aid management, pain comes after the ABC’s (Airway, Breathing, Circulation).

Unfortunately, pain is subjective and there’s no other person that could assess its severity but the patient himself. That’s why pain management varies from one person to another. When a patient arrives in the emergency room complaining pain, the medical staff should be critical enough to obtain ample medical history data by asking basic questions like location, duration and severity of the pain, recent illness, medicines taken and more, before they could decide of the proper intervention.  Read more

Fundamental Preventive Tests and Screening for Women

It is just practical for us to know the essential and fundamental preventive tests needed to check for early warning signs of the most common diseases affecting women today. There are several health issues that affect women which needs proper attention through medical tests and screening regardless of age to stay fit and healthy.

preventive tests

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