Get that Dark Eye Circles away!

Dark shadow circles around the eyes make us feel old or I should say look old. It is important to assess the cause of dark eye circles. For others it may be too prominent and looks like a bruise as if you were punched. A make-up concealer may hide the visibility of dark circles in women but it will not end the problem perse.

However, we don’t need to fret for there are ways to minimize the appearance of shady circles and in some cases it can be removed completely. 

The frequent causes of dark eye circles are:

  • Hereditary – it can run in families and passed on through generations
  • Type of job and lifestyle – working on a night shift interrupts the biological clock of the body. Intake of alcohol or caffeine can adversely affect the quality of your sleep, while smoking causes blood vessels problem that may cause the dark appearance.
  • Nasal congestion causes to dilate and darken the veins that drain from your eyes to your nose.
  • Deficiency of vitamin K, B12  or inadequate anti-oxidants.
  • Too much sun exposure produces more melanin pigment.
  • Ageing – thinning of the skin and loss of fat and collagen
  • Medical ailments – allergies, atopic dermatitis,  or anemia
  • Fatigue, lack of sleep, stress and anxiety – relaxing can help a lot to rest, sleep and eat properly. We must remember that the skin reflects a host of emotional and physical ailments. Take time to loosen up and have a break.

If dark eye circles and puffiness still persist over a period of time, see your doctor for accurate diagnosis


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