Fatigue Coping Strategies for Healthy Blood and Immunity

Staying at one place for a long duration of time is not the most ideal for social beings like us, humans. Migrating all of the activities we used to do outside of our home certainly added more stress to already very uncertain times. Given the new normal setup stress, you may have experienced some symptoms of fatigue.

Fatigue is a sensation of constant weariness, tiredness, or lack of energy for physical and/or mental activities. It is a symptom caused by a combination of lifestyle, social, psychological and general wellbeing factors.  Department of Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire stated the department’s concern in a Laging Handa public briefing, “After so many months of being quarantined, people feel restless; people feel anxious; they’re irritable.” She expressed that people need to develop a coping mechanism and accept the fact that things will not go back to the way it used to be and start to transition to the new normal.

Altering your current lifestyle may sound easier said than done, but these 4 easy and yet effective coping strategies might be what you need to keep a healthy blood and immunity.

  1. Taking Short Walks/Light Exercises

It sounds counterintuitive to go on a walk or do light exercises when you’re already feeling tired for most of the day, but mobility is actually an important component in maintaining a healthy wellbeing as an adult.

Scientists found in a study that exercise boosts your energy level, increases strength and endurance.  Light exercises and short walks also stimulate the production of endorphins — the chemical that reduces pain and relieves stress. Not only does this improve your mobility, but it also boosts your immunity.

  1. Having the Right Amount of Sleep

Practicing a healthy sleeping schedule is vital so the body can recharge.  Your body follows an “internal body clock” known as circadian rhythms which dictate your cycle of sleep, wakefulness, and alertness. This is influenced by external factors like long working hours, shift work, eating habits, and sleep deprivation.

It’s helpful to establish a bedtime routine to achieve the right amount of sleep. Simple cues like putting on pajamas, brushing your teeth, and reading a book helps the body adjust and learn that it’s time to sleep and drift off. Stimulants like caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and gadgets should be avoided before bedtime.

The recommended amount of sleep for adults is at least seven hours and no more than eight hours. Try to limit the difference in your sleeping schedule so your body is consistent with its sleep-wake cycle.  Your body is programmed to function through habits. By consistent efforts these can greatly help alleviate the feeling of fatigue.

  1. Cutting Down on Caffeine and Alcohol

Alcohol raises the body’s level of epinephrine, a stress hormone that generally stimulates the body, which can keep you up at night even when you’re supposed to rest. Your body might also urinate more than you usually do when you consume alcohol, which can disrupt your sleeping pattern. Meanwhile for caffeinated drinks, it’s best to consume those with less to no sugar content. When sugar is processed by the body, it can cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar. The sudden spike and succeeding instant fall can make you feel exhausted and tired.

Dietary changes are a necessary step to address fatigue since your body runs on the energy that you feed it. If you have a habit of consuming caffeinated drinks or alcohol, you might want to slow down to feel less fatigued.

  1. Take Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) Your Health Blood Ally, With Proper Nutrition and Exercise

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms in people who are experiencing iron deficiency anemia — which happens when the blood has a lower amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin than normal. It causes the body to feel weak, tired, dizzy, look pale, and experience headaches.

When unnoticed, iron deficiency anemia can feel like nothing. But as time progresses, the body becomes more deficient of iron, putting immunity and blood health at stake — which intensifies the symptoms and signs of iron deficiency anemia.

Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) is an iron supplement with vitamins and minerals that helps to replenish iron stores and increases red blood cell levels in the body for those experiencing iron deficiency anemia. It has ferrous gluconate, a type of iron salt which allows better absorption of iron in the body, Folic acid, and vitamin B12 which are vital for production of red blood cells and during pregnancy. It also contains Vitamin C which helps improve iron absorption, and Copper sulphate and manganese sulphate that help in the metabolic processes of blood cell production. 11 With proper nutrition, ample exercise, and by taking Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+), you can maintain immunity and keep your blood health at its peak.

Recommended intake is one to two capsules daily, during or after meals, or as prescribed by your doctor.

The new normal has brought endless challenges and difficult hurdles. As advised by the DOH, we have to accept the reality of the new normal and incorporate healthy coping mechanisms for the security of our wellbeing and immunity. Remember to keep your health in check and practice these coping techniques to lessen the possibility of experiencing fatigue. Keep your blood healthy through proper nutrition, exercise and take Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+).

“About-Sangobion.” Sangobion, https://www.sangobion.sg/about-sangobion.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.



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PCPPI bolsters green advocacy on Earth Day

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI)—the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country—strengthens its commitment to sustainable business practices in celebration of Earth Day on April 22.

PCPPI highlights its sharp focus on sustainability despite setbacks caused by the pandemic. The company still has its eyes set on achieving its sustainability targets on water stewardship, resource management and inclusive business.

“This is our duty to the country and the planet. We continue to seek ways to create positive impact for nature. As a responsible corporate citizen, we try to nurture the environment and the communities where we operate,” said president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong.


Resource Management

PCPPI takes resource management seriously to achieve sustainability in all aspects of operations.

The company declared recycling and reusing more than 100,000 m3 of water used in its operations. To bolster its water stewardship efforts, PCPPI commits to reduce water usage by 25% in 2025. Also in their pipeline is the adoption of more water bodies near their areas of operations.

PCPPI also decreased its virgin plastic resin usage in 2020, with a reduction volume of 76MT. This is equal to 3.8 million single-serve Pepsi polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, bringing the company’s total virgin plastic usage reduction to 939.4MT since 2014.

PCPPI’s resource management continues with reducing its carton packaging material usage. It saved as much as 2,600 kgs of carton after it transformed to sleeker can designs.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

The company recently signed a deal to install solar panels in its Batangas, Cebu, and Davao plants. PCPPI is looking at a 30% reduction in its use of grid electricity. Such move brings the company closer to its goal to reduce energy usage by 20% in 2025.

In March, PCPPI supported the Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lights in its offices and plants nationwide. Employees were also encouraged to take part with their families at home. Earth Hour is the world’s largest movement that promotes carbon footprint reduction to stop climate change.

About Pepsi Philippines Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc.

(PCPPI) is the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages & snacks in the Philippines, with a relationship spanning 70 years. PCPPI is a listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE: PIP) with Lotte Corporation which is a holding company of Lotte Chilsung Beverage, one of the biggest beverage companies in South Korea as the lead shareholder co-managing with PepsiCo. PCPPI manufactures and sells well-known food and beverage brands: Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, Premier, Sips, Milkis, Let’s Be and Aquafina. It has established 14 manufacturing facilities across the country, serving more than 700,000 outlets and providing employment through its extensive distribution network.

PCPPI is committed to create a positive impact on society with programs focused on environmental sustainability, nutrition, education, and livelihood. For more information, visit www.pepsiphilippines.com.

5 Best Reasons to Cycle on a Stationary Bike for Fitness

As gyms and other exercise facilities were closed these days due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more people resort to sedentary lifestyles and replaced workout routines with stress eating, thus making obese persons more likely to gain added weight. So, if you are looking for a new way to get more activity, then you may want to give cycling on a stationary bike a try.

A stationary bike is one of the best cardio equipment that puts less stress on your joints yet, still provides an outstanding aerobic workout.

Stationary Bike for Fitness

There are several benefits that you can reap from cycling. Below are some of those benefits:


Stationary cycling is something that you can do almost anywhere and anytime. You do not have to worry about spending a lot of money on a bunch of fancy equipment. All you need is a stationary bike which you can also buy online. Furthermore, it is very easy to find ways to fit cycling into your day.

Improves Your Heart Health

Heart disease is a major concern in many developing countries. One of the best things that you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease is engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise. Study shows that people who do cycling on a regular basis were half as likely to develop heart disease.

Cycling on a Stationary Bike Burns Calories

Obesity is another major health concern today. This problem can put a person at risk for developing a host of other health conditions, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Indoor cycling helps burn calories, so it can help you either lose weight or maintain healthy body weight. Calculate your burned calories using a tool like calorie burned calculator so you can monitor the number of calories you burn in every cycling session.

Depending on your body weight and the intensity of your workout, you can burn as much as 600 calories an hour with a stationary bike workout. It is a very effective way to reduce belly fat. Remember, burning more calories than you consume is the key to weight loss.

Furthermore, cycling helps build muscle. This helps increase your metabolism so that your body continues to burn calories when it is at rest.

Indoor Cycling Helps Reduce Your Stress

To reduce worries and stress about the coronavirus pandemic, have a routine, minimize screen time and browsing newsfeeds, eat healthy foods, and do simple daily physical exercises.

When you cycle, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins help promote a feeling of calmness. These hormones can also help alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.

Cycling Helps Boost Your Immune System

Cardiovascular exercises like cycling help strengthen your immune system. When you have a strong immune system, you are less likely to develop influenza, the common cold, and cancer. More importantly, a strong immune system can protect you from catching the Covid-19 virus.


Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels


Makeup Advice for Pale Skin

pale skin
photo credits: freedigitalphotos.net

Although the pale skin went out of mainstream fashion after the Victorian age, as soon as the wealthy became the only people who could afford to systematically top up their tan. That doesn’t mean that pale skin is any less beautiful, just because the tides of fashion have turned. Unfortunately, if you do have truly pale skin, a tan is naturally out of your reach (any hint of sunlight and you burn!). This means that you’ve got to take control of your own style now and make your beautiful skin shine by applying the perfect makeup palettes.

Always Wear Blush

The risk that comes with pale skin is looking washed out. If you aren’t naturally all peaches and cream, it’s a good idea to always apply blush. This brings out a little colour in your pale cheeks and you should choose light pink shades. For a greater glow, apply crème blush in circular motions. Unless you want to look dirty, avoid the bronzer – it is not your friend.

Use Brown Eyeliner and Mascara

Now, this isn’t a hard and fast rule by all means, but generally, you should be swapping your kohl eyeliner for an earthy shade. Black can look harsh and unnatural against your skin.

Go Blue-Toned

Although blue eyeshadow is a big no-no for pale skinned girls, blue based lipsticks make bright colours accessible for the delicate skin shades. Lilac and mauve look pretty on your lips and you can pull off red too, as long as it’s blue toned. If you choose to rock a red lipstick, leave your eyes almost untouched as this is hot right now on the beauty fashion scene and also doesn’t swamp your delicate features. It’s more important for you than other people with darker skin tones to get the balance right and not cake on the make-up.


For porcelain skinned dolls, it’s exceptionally difficult to get the right foundation. You should aim to find a colour which is half a shade below your natural skin tone. If your foundation is too dark, you’ll end up looking like an overbaked orange. Choose a tinted moisturiser if you struggle in the make-up aisles and pick one with high SPF. Your skin is exceptionally vulnerable to the sun and overexposure will most certainly lead to early aging.


You may have areas on your face, such as under your eyes, which are translucent. Make sure to go over these bits with concealer because veins and dark patches show up quite dramatically. Your concealer should be at least one tone lighter than your skin colour.

Look After Your Skin

Light skins tend to be very sensitive in general, so you really can’t neglect your skincare regime. Try to look for  perfect skincare products that will suit your sensitive skin like OFRA Cosmetics which has a vast line of professional skin care and makeup products.

Pamper yourself with moisturisers and face masks. Don’t over-scour your face with abrasive products, as this can damage the skin’s surface. Although properly looking after your skin does take up a lot of time, comfort yourself in the knowledge that pale skin rarely yields spots, so you are blemish-free for longer.



How to Optimize Your Well-Being with DNA Test Results

Congerdesign. ‘Apple.’ Pixabay.com. Copyright-free.

Health is a mixture of environmental circumstances, lifestyle choices, genetics, and luck. In 2003, the Human Genome Project revolutionized the healthcare industry. By identifying and mapping the entire blueprint of human life (DNA) medicine can prevent heartbreaking, hereditary diseases that claim newborns’ lives.

The great genome blueprint has allowed medical science to help older women give birth to healthy babies with fewer risks to their well-being. Genomic advancements have helped identify individuals who are more likely to develop conditions like cancer and diabetes. 

There is a significant difference between medical, genome tests, and commercial DNA tests. Unfortunately, there are consumer DNA tests that are little more than educated guesses and entertainment.

If you do choose to purchase a commercial genome test check with the objective reviewer, DNA Weekly before you hand over your hard-earned money on a genomic screening that won’t help you increase or protect your health in any pragmatic way.

Memed Nurrohmad. ‘DNA.’ Pixabay.com. Copyright-free.

Carrier Screenings

Another advancement made possible by the mapping of the human genome prevents would-be parents who carry mutated genes from sorrow through carrier screenings. There are two copies of every gene. It is possible to have a single mutated gene and live without any conditions or health issues.

Altmann, Gerd. ‘Psychology.’ Pixabay.com. Copyright-free.

Gene Therapy 

Gene therapy is used by scientists and doctors to manipulate genes. The technology and resources associated with gene therapy are still in their infancy stage. The Human Genome was not completely mapped until 2003.

These explorative methods alter the structure of a person’s DNA which is less invasive and has the potential to be more effective than traditional healthcare like surgery and radiation. Gene therapy has a long way to go. The intricacies of the human chromosome are so complex that researchers only understand a fraction of how genes mutate and change with gene therapy.

Because these procedures are new, many insurance companies will not cover the cost of the procedures. As gene therapy becomes more commonplace the healthcare insurance industry will be forced to cover these procedures.       

Andip. ‘Yoga.’ Pixabay.com. Copyright-free.

Lifestyle Guidance

Genetic testing can tell you a lot about your body. Some tests can estimate the likelihood of contracting certain illnesses and they can tell you how your current lifestyle is impacting your health. 

The BRAC1/BRAC2 gene is often discussed as the breast cancer gene. These genes are not a death sentence.

Genetics are complex. The BRAC1/BRAC2 gene is correlated to breast cancer but correlation and connection are not the same things. Many people have this gene and do not get sick.  There are other factors found in genetic tests that provide vitally important information that can help anyone improve and protect their health. DNA tests can also tell you how your current lifestyle is affecting your health.


Precision Medicine

Gene therapy offers an idiosyncratic option for patients that generalized medicine is incapable of performing. Individual healthcare has not been a possibility until gene therapies were developed.

Precision medicine is the healthcare of the future. Specialists and primary care physicians will be able to investigate and treat patients based on their specific needs. Treatments will be tailored to suit the individual.

Linforth, Pete. ‘Gears.’ Pixabay.com. Copyright-free.

Genome sequencing is quickly becoming a more affordable tool as quickly-developing genetic therapies like (CRISPR) and even portable genetic sequencers. These advancements have given the healthcare industry a treasure-trove of information about the human genome. The innovations that genetic therapies may develop are genuinely exciting opportunities for healing the sick and preventing hereditary illnesses from impacting any human life.


The Top 5 Gifts to get your Dad for Christmas

Dads can at times be overlooked when it comes to scouring for a Christmas gift. Whether it’s dull socks, dodgy slippers or another mug, Dad’s tend to the raw end of the festal stick. But should they always be treated as second best?

There is a wealth of mint pressies made especially for dads out there – ranging from futuristic tech devices like Bluetooth speakers to the unorthodox foodie subscriptions if he considers himself to be a dab hand in matters kitchen.

Christmas gift

If you still have no idea of what to get the old man, keep reading. This article is meant to guide you on how to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special man in your life.

1. Golf Gear

Your dad could be a golf enthusiast, or he could just be learning the ropes of the game, either way, buying him golf gear to get him started would be an excellent way to show appreciation for your father.

The new and modern golf gear, would set him apart from his golfing friends and may give him an edge over his peers. We all know how competitive men tend to be, and when he beats his friends, he will undoubtedly want to share the bragging rights with you.

Visit our website to see the various kinds of gear you can buy ranging from pin golf, clubs, putters, drivers and much more.

2. David Bowie: A Life

Perhaps your dad is a music fanatic and an avid reader. The Dylan Jones biography could just make this Christmas his best. This biography is an anthology of opinions and interviews with people that knew him best. The book also covers snippets from David Bowie himself.

Nothing would mean more to your Dad this Christmas than adding a book covering the life and times of a treasured musical icon.

3. Ali: A Life

Perhaps the most extensive and conclusive biography of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, ever published. Regarded as the best boxer of all time, this book is guaranteed to have your Dad glued to his desk. Based on over 500 interviews with people that knew him the most, it charters his career and life. Ali was one of the most enigmatic figures of the twentieth century and one of the most famous. He had a blend of speed and power never seen before his time. Also, a preacher, an actor, a draft resister, fighter for racial pride and a comedian, the book captures just about everything on Ali. Your Dad won’t want to put it down.   

4. Personalized pint glass

Get your father something he’ll cherish forever; a personalized pint glass to add to his collection of favourite glasses. You may add a special message or date to give it a sentimental and unique touch.   

5. Twickenham Stadium Tour

Is your Dad a rugby fan? Send him on a tour of England’s home of rugby. A ticket to Twickenham Stadium tour would undoubtedly make this holiday unforgettable. The tour is a 75-minute stroll around the renowned grounds as well as entry to the World Rugby Museum accompanied by a gift pack.