Basic Guide in Finding the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Every woman wants to experience a new major hair makeover but can’t decide on the best cut that will bring out not only a new look but a lively and gorgeous hair easier to manage as well. There are a lot of different hairstyles to choose from that we see in the hair magazines. And because more often than not we cannot find and decide which cut will suit us, thus, we just tend to consult the salon hairstylist upon sitting on the salon chair.

Though it is alright to seek consultation from your hairstylist, it is essential to know the important considerations in choosing a new hairdo. You should first consider your facial features. The shape of your face, your hair type and lifestyle can help you decide on the style of the hair cut that will complement your looks.

Using the sassy hair  guide below can help determine your face shape and hairstyles that will suit you.

hairstyle for 6 face shapes

5 of the best party hair looks

If you have a party that is coming up soon and you want to look great, there are a couple of main things on which you have to focus. The outfit is definitely one of the things which deserve your special attention. However, the hair and the make-up are also very important and they will probably take most of your time. If you want to have the perfect look, you have to put aside enough time for preparations. Based on the type of hairstyle, make-up and outfit that you choose, you can try to estimate the approximate time which you will need to get ready for your party. This way you will avoid any complications and won’t worry about making a bad impressions by arriving late.




Preparing for a party is not always as easy as it seems. You might think that you have enough time for everything, but things can easily go wrong. Therefore, it will be best to you begin early with the preparations, so that you can dedicate enough time to every part of your look. You can choose a party hair look and make-up earlier, so that you don’t waste time wondering a couple of hours before the party.

When it comes to party hair looks there are million different choices. If you want to have the perfect look, however, your hair must be clean first. This way you will be able to achieve easier the result you want and it might be even possible to preserve your party hair look for longer. Once your hair is perfectly clean, you can begin with the preparations. You will find some ideas below which are suitable for any type of hair and are not hard at all:

  • Ballerina bun – This is a classic hair look which can be made for a formal dinner party or a Christmas party with your colleagues, for instance. If you combine it with nice earrings, you will look really great. First wash your hair, and while it is still damp you can spray it with a product which will make it shiny and smooth. Then make a ponytail and you can use a sock bun to make the round shape.
  • Romantic bun – If you are going to a dinner party with your friends and you want a less formal look for your hair, you can try the romantic side bun. It is similar to the ballerina bun but this time you can give extra volume to your hair when you dry it. You have to make the ponytail on the side and then turn it into a knot. Use bobby pins, so that it doesn’t fall apart.
  • Curly ends – This is a really stylish look and many movie stars and singers like to use it. You will need a large brush with which you can twist your hair in the ends. You can split it into two sections and make some curls around the face and in the lower parts of your hair. Use a hairspray to fixate the curls.
  • Loose waves – There is nothing more romantic than the loose waves hairstyle. It is incredibly easy to make and it doesn’t require any specific tools or products. You need to give to your hair more volume than usual, and one way to do it is to blow dry it upside-down. Then use a curling iron to make some loose waves in your hair.
  • Curly hairstyle – If you want to look more feminine, making curls is the best way to do it. There are different tools you can use to achieve this effect but most of them are harmful for the structure of your hair. Instead, you can purchase a special mousse or some other product which enhances the curling and apply it to your wet hair. You can use a diffuser to give a better form to your curls and spray them to keep them in shape.


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Update your skin care routine for fall

Every season brings something new into our lives. However, we have to prepare ourselves for the arrival of any one of them and do the necessary changes to adjust as quickly as possible. One of the first things you need to consider is your health. Seasons like the fall and winter can cause a lot of health complications, especially when it comes to your skin. The cold weather and the high dampness could make the skin of your face and hands drier and even chapped. You can easily avoid this and other problems, if you simply update your skin care routine on time and make the necessary adjustment to welcome the fall in perfect health.


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There is really nothing more unpleasant than having chapped lips and hands. However, this is a problem which you will most likely face during the fall. Rubbing cream on your hands is one way to solve it. There is also another important factor which you need to consider, and that’s your cleaning routine. During the fall and the winter the skin of the hands, and especially of the face, won’t need such deep cleaning as during the warmer seasons. You can lower the risk of chapping by applying cream and other products which will make your skin greasier. This way you will be sure that the cold won’t be able to ruin the good looks of your skin.


The earlier you update your skin care routine, the better. Splendid Tenancy Cleaners will give you a couple of important steps which will help you get everything done faster and not miss anything important.


  • Organise your products – The first and most important step is to look over all of your make-up and other cosmetic products and leave only those who you will need. You probably have a lot of moisturisers, lotions and others which you won’t be able to use during the cold months, so there is really no point in keeping them on your shelves. By removing everything unnecessary you will not only free some space for all of your other possessions but will also get the chance to clean up a little.


  • Switch to low foaming skin cleanser – There is no need to change the frequency of your skin cleaning procedures during the fall. It is enough only to substitute the high foaming cleanser with another with a lighter formula. This way you will avoid the extra dryness which can appear and yet keep your face always clean.


  • Choose lighter scrubbing products – Unfortunately, the clogged pores are a problem which doesn’t disappear with the change of the season. You can continue with the scrubbing which will brighten your face and will lower the appearing of clogged pores. The only change you can make is switching to a product which contains natural round particles instead of plastic ones because they will clean your skin more gently.


  • Buy special creams and oils for the dryness – Like we’ve already mentioned, the dryness is probably the biggest skin problem during the fall. The cleansing lotions might help you protect your skin at home but when you are outside, you need stronger protection. The market offers all kinds of special creams and even oils, made from natural ingredients, which can supply your skin with all the vitamins it needs to look good during the fall.


  • Use more homemade products – If you look, you will be able to find all kinds of recipes for homemade body lotions, face creams, masks and others, which you can prepare yourself. When your budget is tight but you still want to protect your skin from the cold weather, this is the way to do it. All you need is a couple of herbs and a little imagination.

Remedies to whiten a dark underarm

Excessive shaving, pregnancy, hormonal changes, poor quality deodorants are some of the common reasons why underarms darken. Another culprit is extra weight as it intensifies pigmentation not only in the armpits but also to some areas of the body like the nape and back of the knees and inner thighs.

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Hot Hairstyles To Try this Summer

There’s no denying it, women changes hairstyle with every change of season. And this summer, women will surely be on the lookout for hot hairstyles to try out! It is easy enough to decide on a short pixie cut but you can actually enjoy several updos which are suited for those laidback beach bumming or late night beach parties. Basically summer hairstyles incorporate some sort of ponytail so it’s simple and takes only a couple of minutes to polish up.



The Side Bun – Gather your hair up into a side ponytail and secure it with an elastic tie. If you are going to use an accessory, make sure it faces front as you secure it. So just wrap it around the base and hold everything in place with some bobby pins. It’s elegant, fun and easy!


Japanese Top Bun – first, gather your hair in a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie similar with the color of your hair. Secure the pony but leave a loop where you will tuck the end of the ponytail to form a bun. Fan out the bun slightly then secure in place with some bobby pins.


Side Knot Braid – this fabulous hairstyle starts with a side ponytail and then braided together. Perfect for women with long hair, secure the braid with a tie and gently fluff out the braid to get more volume. Slowly twist the braided portion around itself to create a bun then secure in place with tropical accessory!


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In Your Twenties? Prevent Wrinkles Now!

Women in their twenties can often take advantage of the fact that they have beautiful skin. After all; the spotty teenage years are long gone, and the idea of wrinkles and fine lines seems so far away…but is it as far away as you think? Everything you eat, drink, all of the late nights, sun bathing…it probably hasn’t even nearly caught up with you yet. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start early. In fact, in your twenties you can do some great things to help prevent horrible wrinkles further on down the line. Read on to learn more:


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The Most Common Causes of Early Aging

The most common causes of early aging in women are sun damage, and we’re sorry to tell you: genetics. Luckily, there are certain products and procedures that can help to prevent early aging, as well as slow it down and correct and current forming creases. Women who have subjected themselves to sun damage early on in life should start taking care of their skin straight away, using daily sun protection and creams and serums with anti oxidants.


Essential Products for a Good Skin Care Routine

There are so many products available today, so the whole process of selecting products to help you in your fight against aging can be daunting. However, one essential product that the youngest looking women swear by is sun cream. When you use this regularly, it’ll slow down the appearance of photo damage on your face, as well as prevent wrinkles. You should also make sure you use serums that are suited to your skin type. Eye cream is a good choice too, for pesky fine lines and creases when you smile.


What to Do When You’re in A Rush

If you’re in a rush, it can be easy to skip a few steps in your routine in order to get to work/lunch/friends faster. However, by simply smoothing on a anti aging BB cream in the morning before you dash out of the door, you can hydrate your skin, protect your skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


What’s Best: Expensive High End or Cheaper High Street?

Ladies, don’t worry – just because a product is expensive, doesn’t mean that it’s going to do everything it says on the tin. You really can achieve a great looking skin using cheaper, high street products from a drug store. You should definitely buy cheaper exfoliants and face washes, but if you like you can splurge on a face cream.


Botox – How Old Should You Be?

There’s no right age to start botox, but you shouldn’t go with an attitude to prevent your wrinkles from appearing. Professionals will only treat you if you already have lines present. You could potentially start as soon as you see lines forming, but you need to be careful to find a qualified professional who knows how much to use and where to use it.

Getting the right amount of sleep, and daily exercise are also great ways of preventing wrinkles and getting great looking skin. Whatever you do, remember to remain sensible and consistent to see great results!