The Advice You Need to Start Your Fitness Journey Right Now

So many people talk about starting their fitness journey, but they don’t take the steps to do it. They think they’ll start next week, after their holiday, or when they have *insert object of desire* here. Somehow, something always comes up that stops people from starting. Does this sound like you? Have you been thinking this way for a few years now? Use this advice to start your journey ASAP!

Ask Yourself Why

Ask yourself honestly, why you’d like to embark on a fitness journey. There are so many reasons to start it, you just need to think about what matters most to you. It could be any of the following:

  • You want to be fit and healthy into old age to see your children/grandchildren grow up.
  • You want to take part in competitions.
  • You want to work in the fitness industry.
  • You just want to be the best version of yourself.

Use your reasons as motivation to carry on. Remember; it’s about what you want in the long term, not the short term. That huge slab of chocolate might make you happy in the short term, but in the long term it will not help you to achieve your goals.

Stop Making Excuses

It seems people are just full of excuses these days. ‘I work too hard’, ‘I don’t have time’, and ‘I won’t be able to’ are just some of the most popular. Your thinking is the first thing you need to change if you want to start a fitness journey. You must be positive, and know that you can do anything you set your mind to. You can make time. You can get better at things you’re not too good at. You are the only person who has the power to change your life for the better!

Start off Small

Don’t vow to go to the gym 6 times a week if you really haven’t worked on your fitness until now. Aim to go 3 times a week and just keep that up until it becomes a habit. Then you can add more days until you feel comfortable. Don’t work out every single day. Everybody needs a rest day. It’s essential you do things you enjoy, otherwise you won’t keep it up. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then you’re doing it wrong!


Think Positively

Positive thinking is a must. You also need to think realistically. There may be days where you don’t feel like going. There may be days where you feel low, or end up gorging on pizza. That’s fine! It’s a bumpy ride and nobody can be perfect all of the time. The important thing is that you don’t let it stop you and you remain consistent.

Use Visualisation

Visualisation can be a very powerful tool when you’re thinking about where you want to be. Picture yourself as a fit, healthy individual. Picture how you’ll feel, and the things you’ll do. Don’t just see it; put yourself in the situation. See it through your own eyes, rather than on a ‘film screen’. This is a proven method to help you reach your goals!

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

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5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Quality Of Life Today

Making improvements to your quality of life doesn’t only have to happen at the start of a new year. If you are not content with the way things are going, don’t just wait and hope that these feelings will pass. Take control! To give you a helping hand with your life improvement project, here are some positive changes you can make, starting today!


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1. Reach for the top

Unhappy with the way things are going at work? Think about where you see yourself in one to five years from now and work out a plan action for achieving these goals. When it comes to work, you must be proactive to get what you want. If your ambition is to get a promotion this year, you will need to work hard and prove to your boss that you are more than capable of doing that job.

2. Deal with your worries

One of the main things that hold us back from getting what we want in life are those niggling “what ifs”. Of course, we all worry about this and that but for many worrying is consistent, and these people tend to catastrophize their way through life. If you feel that your worries are having a negative impact on your enjoyment of life, you may benefit from anxiety treatment. Therapy gets all your anxieties out in the open and helps you to think and behave in situations in a more realistic and positive manner. Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques will also help you to let go of your stress.

3. Kick bad habits

Everyone has bad habits. Whether it’s smoking, binge drinking, eating junk food or going to bed late, bad habits tend to have a negative impact on our physical and mental well-being. Hence the word “bad”. Make a note of the lifestyle changes you want to make and start creating an action plan for each. It’s never easy to kick a habit, but stick with it, and you will come out to the other end happier and healthier.

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4. Be healthy

Eating healthy foods and doing plenty of exercise makes you feel amazing all over. The reason we find it difficult to keep up is that we are not adapting these healthy choices to your individual tastes. Don’t force yourself to eat things you don’t like just because they are healthy. Start looking for healthy ingredients and recipes that make your mouth water. The same goes for exercise. Find activities that appeal to you, and you get great joy out of exercising.

5. Do a nice gesture

Making someone else happy, will make you happy too. There are so many ways you can make others smile. For example, helping out a relative or friend, surprising your partner with a gift, raising money for charity or lending your hand to an elderly person crossing the road.  Helping others, in whatever form, is one of the most worthwhile and rewarding things we can do in life.


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When you are not pleased with your quality of life, the only person that can make a real difference is you! Take your life into your hands today and start getting what you want.

Not Found the Right Sport for You? Try Tennis

Sticking to your fitness plans is made a lot easier if you develop a passion for a particular sport. It’s not always easy to find the sport that’s right for you though. Is football too rough and violent for you? Is baseball too boring and running too strenuous? Well, tennis could be the sport for you!

Tennis is great because it offers a vigorous workout, but it doesn’t always feel like it. Unlike running, you have a game to win, so it’s perfect for people with a competitive spirit. There are lots of clubs you can join, and people will give you the support you need to get started. Here are some basic things you’ll need to know first though.

Rules of the Game

One thing that puts a lot of people off playing tennis is the complicated rules. But once you take the time to get to know the rules, they’re not that difficult to understand. To start you off, you could watch some tennis matches on television, you’ll soon pick it up.

I’ll go through the rules quickly to help you though. In singles tennis there are 2 players, the players swap serve after each point. The first point is 15, then 30, and finally 40. The first player to win 4 points wins the game. If it’s tied at 40-40, that’s called deuce, and 2 more points have to be won. The first player to win 6 games then wins the set. In men’s tennis, there are normally 5 sets, and in women’s tennis there are 3.

What Equipment You Need

The main things you need to play tennis are a tennis racquet and some tennis balls. If you’re joining a club, they may be able to provide this equipment for you, but it’s always good to have your own equipment. You can pick up a racquet and balls pretty cheaply.

Clothing is also very important if you want to play tennis effectively. Some shorts and a loose t-shirt that lets you move about freely are ideal. You should also get a sweat band and some tennis shoes.

How is Tennis is Good for Fitness?

Although it might not seem like an obvious choice for weight loss, tennis can be a great sport for shedding the pounds. So, why is tennis so good for your fitness? The sport acts as a form of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. This means it gives you a cardiovascular workout and helps burn fat.

Playing tennis also helps improve your fitness and flexibility. You’re constantly moving around the court chasing the ball, which will make you much more agile and give all your major muscle groups a workout. It’ll also make you much more flexible as you’re forced to stretch for the ball.

Playing Competitively

If you start playing and you find that you’re quite good at it, you might have uncovered a hidden talent. Keep practicing and build up your skills and fitness. And then, if you still feel like pushing yourself further, you could think about entering some amateur tennis competitions.

Tennis might be the ideal sport for you, so at least give it a try before you dismiss it!


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Barriers To Exercising? Don’t Let Your Age Be One Of Them

As we get older, we may be absolutely determined to stay fit and healthy. In our forties, we may have made a pact with ourselves to never stop those fitness classes, or give up our gym membership. But as we approach our sixties and beyond, suddenly we are faced with far more barriers to exercising and fitness than we ever expected. We worked hard, and we were careful, and yet these problems still reared their ugly heads. Aging can be a constant battle, but thankfully, technologies are here to help.

In our fifties, we start to get the first tasters of what it is like to feel old. The body refuses to recover quickly from over exertion, and a weekend with the grandkids needs a week to get over! Most of us are wearing reading glasses, and a lot of us are concerned about cholesterol or high blood pressure. All of these things become barriers to us continuing our strict exercise regimes. We need a day off, which can easily become two, three or a week. This disruption then makes it incredibly hard to get back into at all!

If your sport is swimming, but your eyesight isn’t up to much without glasses, it can be quite frightening trying to use the pool with limited vision. However, there are swimming goggles out there that can closely match most prescription eyewear, making it much safer for you to navigate the pool. Prescription sports sunglasses are available too, so don’t be put off your sport if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

When we are exercising, most of us like to have our favorite pumping tunes to push us on. But when our hearing isn’t great, it can actually be quite unpleasant trying to listen to music. Fortunately, there are hearing aids like ReSound that allow us to use our iPods without disruption. We can enjoy ambient sounds without being overwhelmed, and we can follow instructions from teammates in group sports sessions. There are links to Alzheimer’s with hearing loss, so always get any concerns checked out.

Recovery times after activity do increase when we are older. You can overcome these things by adding time and stretches to your warm up and cool down sessions to match your age. If you had a two minute warm up ten years ago, try a five minute one now. The more you stretch and prepare, the less impactful the exercise. Take more sports massage sessions too. Remember some medications that we take at this time of life will also affect our bodies when we exercise. Read the labels carefully.

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The types of activity that we do as we mature may need a little tweaking. Rugby may be too dangerous in a scrum if you suffer osteoarthritis, but a lot of the game can still be enjoyed in middle age. Use appropriate supports for parts of the body that are a little more worn than others, like knees and backs. Keep your weight in the mid range for your age, so you have enough fat on your body to protect the bones, but not so much you are adding undue pressure to the joints. Enjoy life to the max – in moderation!

6 Unusual Ways to Get Fit

Is finding a new way to get fit getting you down? It’s never easy finding the fitness regime that’s right for you. Don’t limit yourself to conventional options though; there are loads of strange and unconventional ways in which you can get fit and shed a few pounds. It’s just a matter of trying a few and finding the right one for you.

Running and swimming might be the right thing for some people, but it’s by no means the only way to go. As long as you’re getting your heart rate up and working your muscles, you’re going to see a difference. Remember, every exercise regime should be undertaken alongside a healthy diet plan. But here some unusual ways to get active and get fit.

  1. Boxing

Boxing not only gets you fit but also dramatically improves your speed and agility. Some people tend to think of the sport as just two men thumping each other. But there’s a lot of skill and technique involved in the sport. Boxers are always on their toes and always moving, in many ways, it’s like ballet! So, why not give it a try?


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  1. Trampolining

Isn’t trampolining just a great way to have fun? It is that, but it’s also a way of getting fit. Think about it, it takes energy to jump up and down and adapt your body position as you jump and land each time. If you’ve ever used a trampoline, you’ll know that by the time you get off, you’re usually a little tired and out of breath, which proves my point!

  1. Ultimate Frisbeeing

You probably just see frisbeeing as something you did in the park when you were a child, but it can be so much more than that. Ultimate Frisbee is a legitimate sport and a pretty intense workout. You can play it with one other person or in a big group. Chasing that frisbee will help you burn fat and have fun.

  1. Martial Arts

Learning a specific skill like martial arts is great for kids and adults alike. You feel like you’re doing something really worthwhile at the same time as getting fit. There are lots of great organizations like Patenaude Martial Arts that offer classes to people of all ages and skill levels.

  1. Dancing

Dancing is fun, most of know this. So, why not incorporate it into your exercise regime? Getting fit doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. Going dancing can be as good as a gym workout. Join a class in your local area if you want to get started.

  1. Ice Skating

Ice skating isn’t just something fun to do during the holiday season; it’s something you can do to get fit all year round. You’ll fall over a lot to begin with, but once you get past that stage, you’ll have a great time. Unfortunately, not every town has an ice rink, but if yours does, take advantage of it.


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Hopefully, these six ideas have given you some inspiration for getting fit. Don’t listen to conventional wisdom, think outside the box once in a while!

A Beginner’s Guide To Starting An Active Fitness Routine

Living a healthy life is not a choice – it is an obligation. If you want to make the most of your body, you need to make sure that you have an active lifestyle. There is no question about whether getting fit will make you healthier, but did you know that it can also make you happier? When you workout on a regular basis, it will improve your mental health, which means that you will feel content. Here is how you can start a fitness routine in no time.

Prepare your mind

Before you do any exercise, you need to make sure that you are in the right mindset for it. If you go into this with the wrong attitude, you will find that it is difficult to keep up with the routine. Your heart needs to be in it when you first start. If you are starting this routine because someone else is forcing you to do it, you will struggle to stick with it. You need to want to get healthy before you do so. Otherwise, you will not manage your new lifestyle.

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Buy fitness gear

When you get into the right mindset, you will know where to start. Part of that process includes getting the right fitness gear for yourself. Take a look at these March finds from Beyond Yoga for some inspiration. If you get a few items that suit you, it should motivate you to start your workouts. When you change into your fitness clothes, that will signify that it is time to exercise. Studies show that when people have the right gear for a particular hobby or sport, they are more likely to succeed at it.

Find a sport to suit you

There are loads of different sports out there – you just need to find one that suits you. For example, you might find that you have a knack for tennis or that you can’t get enough of yoga. Whatever sport you choose, you need to make sure that you practice it regularly. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and so you need to do a little each day. From team sports to solo exercise routines, there is something for everyone. Speak with people who already play a sport and ask them what they suggest for you.

Join a fitness class

If you struggle to work out alone, you might want to join a fitness class. Look for a range of classes online so that you know what is available in your area. When you find a class that you enjoy, it can become part of your social calendar. You will have a chance to meet new people, while you exercise, which means that the experience will be highly rewarding. You might feel a little afraid the first time you attend a new class. Don’t worry. That feeling is normal. Everybody has to start somewhere, and you will soon find that the other class members welcome you into their ranks.

Keep a diary of your progress

Once you have started exercising, you should also keep a diary of how often you work out and how you felt afterwards. Keeping track of how your new active lifestyle is affecting you will mean that you stick with it. When you can see that exercise makes you feel better than you once did, you will find that you start to enjoy it more and more. If you write down every time you go to the gym, you should start to see a positive pattern. Buy a cheap journal and start writing down everything now. Before you know it, you will be a fitness freak like the rest of us!