Here Are My Favourite Ways To Ease The Boredom Of Regular Workouts

I love that I am exercising more each week now than ever before. I feel reinvigorated and more youthful. My body is leaner and stronger and even more flexible than it was years ago. But it hasn’t all come easy. Anyone who has come a long way with their fitness will tell you the battle is with your mind. Boredom, lack of focus, and a lack of tenacity can undo weeks of work in just a few days. So how do you overcome the boredom of an exercise routine?

Boot Camp

I love boot camps. They are such a great way to test your fitness level. Boot camps can push you harder to achieve more. The sense of satisfaction you can get at the end more than makes up for the fatigue you’re feeling. There is an annual boot camp open to all fitness levels in Hyde Park. You can click here to find out what is best to wear at weekend boot camp. Boot camps are also a great way to network with other people just like you. I’ve met plenty of other online fitness friends in the flesh this way.

Capoeira Boot Camp Cornwall 2008

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Yoga Retreat

Whether you already commit to a weekly Yoga class or not, a retreat will help you develop your practice further. It’s great to meet other people interested in the health benefits of Yoga. It also helps you to become more interested in Yoga itself. Learn new poses, or just attend to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


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Mix It Up

Swap out one or two of your regular activities. Instead of running on a Tuesday, go swimming. Instead of an hour in the gym on Friday, head to the squash court. If you make swaps every four weeks or so, you shouldn’t find yourself getting stuck in a rut. It’s a great way to increase your all round fitness too. Different exercises and activities deliver different physical benefits.

Freestyle catch

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Try Something New

If you’ve never tried rock climbing before, why not book into your local indoor centre for a taster session? How about skiing? If you’ve never picked up a rugby ball then now is definitely the time to try that! Finding new sports and activities is the perfect way to test your body out in new situations. Stretch the limits of your current abilities and use your new activity to enhance your body further.


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Train For An Event

Now could be a great time to enter yourself into a race or event. If you’ve been running for a while, why not try out a 5k fun run? For the more seasoned runner, you could try a half marathon! Set yourself the challenge to inspire you to better yourself. Find a training programme online, or speak to your running club.

2013 Madison Marathon

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Keeping fit can sometimes be lonely, especially if you do a lot of exercises alone at home. There are some great apps to help you track your progress and that of your friends. Alternatively, why not use FaceBook to compare notes on your successes and achievements? Everyone gets a little bored with the same old things every day. See what you can do to spice up your fitness.

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How To Deal With A Serious Injury When You Are A Fitness Fanatic

When you are used to spending a lot of your time keeping fit, a serious injury can be a nightmare come true. The injury itself is one thing, but there is also a significant psychological impact to deal with.

People who exercise a lot have a lot invested in their ability to get up and out for a workout. Take that away, and it can be devastating. So what do you do if you are a fitness fanatic that suffers a severe injury? And what are the psychological signs to look out for? In this short guide, we’re going to go through everything you need to know.

Sports Injuries & Physiotherapy

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Don’t do too much

After a serious injury, it is essential that you take it easy for a while. While it might be tempting to do as much exercise as you can, you have to listen to your doctor and physiotherapist’s advice. Don’t push yourself too hard, and allow your body time to recover.

Your medical team will give you the plan to get yourself back up to speed – and you should follow it to the letter. You may feel like you are progressing better than they think, but you run the risk of injuring yourself again – perhaps even worse. The medical profession takes years to learn about the human body and know best how to fix it. Listen to them.

Don’t feel isolated

If you are used to going to the gym three or four times a week, it becomes a big part of your social activity. And, when that social activity disappears, it can have an impact. You might find yourself feeling isolated, which in turn can lead to depressive thoughts. While you shouldn’t push yourself too hard, it’s important to remember that your life isn’t over and that it is only a temporary situation.

So, get out when you can and keep up with your social life. Perhaps you could do with a wheelchair to help you get around, and you could even hire a portable wheelchair lift to help you get in and out of the house. Human contact is important to keep the spirits up, so don’t let your injury stop you from social life.

Keep your self-esteem up

As a fitness fanatic, a lot of your self-esteem will have been built up from your workouts. You are used to challenging yourself, and getting results. Without that ability, you can start feeling bad about yourself. In fact, the more committed you are normally, the worse it can be for you. It’s important, then, to try and keep your spirits up.

Challenge yourself in other ways – that book that you always planned on reading, for example. You could do a short online course on a subject you are interested in, or maybe even try doing some artwork. Keep your brain busy, keep achieving, and you will stave off some of the negative thoughts.

Well, with any luck, these tips will help you get through the psychological pain of being injured. If you can keep your spirits up, it won’t be long at all until you are back on the fitness trail. Good luck with the recovery!

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Building Muscle 101: Everything You Need To Know

make some noise

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Would you like arms bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger? Do you feel the need to try body building this autumn? Then you’ve come to the right place. We know how difficult it can be to bulk up quickly. However, there are lots of methods and techniques you can use to achieve your goals quicker. The information on this page will highlight the best course of action. We’ll show you how to look like a professional wrestler without taking any steroids or illegal substances. At the end of the day, it’s going to require a lot of hard work. So, you’ll need lots of motivation if you want to succeed.

Working out

Firstly, anyone who wants to build their muscles must work out for at least a couple of hours every day. Your routine should include lots of weightlifting and at least a little bit of running. You can employ the services of a personal trainer if you think they could help. Just speak to staff at your local gym. Buying some basic weightlifting equipment could be a wise move if you want to save money long term. You might pay $500 for bench and weights. However, a yearly gym membership could cost much more.

Eating right

Lots of people who want to build muscle will pay for the services of a dietitian. Even so, we don’t think you need to do that just yet. You can improve your situation by simply avoiding junk foods. Ideally, you want to consume as much protein as possible. That will help to ensure your muscles have enough fuel for growth. Also, avoid fizzy drinks and anything that contains too much sugar. You might get an instant boost, but you will also experience the inevitable crash.

Taking supplements

There are lots of different supplements on the market for people in your position. You need to make sure you choose the most effective solutions around. The number one question we’re asked is: what supplements should I take to build muscle? It’s impossible to make recommendations because it all comes down to the condition of your body. Ideally, anything that contains creatine powder is going to work well. However, you should probably speak to the seller and ask their opinion.

Seeking medical assistance

Sometimes it’s sensible to book an appointment to see your doctor every couple of months. You can let them know about your routine and your diet. They will then perform checks to ensure you are not causing any negative effects. Your doctor is the one best placed to tell you if you’re doing something wrong. Maybe you forget to eat your vegetables? Perhaps you’re pushing so hard that muscle damage is likely? Either way, you need a professional medical opinion.

Now you know the best techniques for building muscle this autumn, we hope you will achieve your goal. Just don’t get too disappointed if you don’t see results straight away. It takes a lot of time and effort to get a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. So, you shouldn’t expect to see vast changes overnight. You’ll need t push hard if you want to look like a true body builder. Hopefully, the tips on this page will help you to do that the right way.

Good luck!


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How To Get Super Fit, Super Quick

Army Reserve 2010 Best Warrior Competition Army Physical Fitness Test

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Do you need to get fitter, quicker? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you plenty of tips to getting started – and continuing – a new fitness regime. With the right dedication, they will help you lose weight safely and tone up your muscle. There’s no time to mess around, so let’s get you on the fitness trail right away.

Start today

If you want to get fit in the quickest time possible, you have to start today. No putting it off until tomorrow, because, as we all know, tomorrow never comes. The only way you are going to start feeling better and getting fitter is by committing to a new regime. So why not start it today?

Look at your calorie intake

Losing weight is a big part of getting fit. And, the only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn up. Let’s say that you usually eat around 2,000 calories every day. If you want to lose weight safely – at a rate of around a pound a week – then you need to consume 500 calories less than you spend. Make sure that the vast majority of calories are produced from healthy food, too. This will help you build more muscle, burn off more fat and keep your body in healthy shape.

Get CrossFit

Crossfit has taken off in the past few years, and for good reasons. It’s an excellent all-around set of exercises that is great for cardio and also gives you strength training. You can take classes to get you started, but you can also get equipment to use at home. Begin with a small stepper exercise machine and a few weights and medicine balls. Pretty soon you will be stronger and healthier than you have been for many years.

Look to the military

Joining the armed forces takes a high level of fitness. So why not get up to speed by using one of their programs? Head over to the official army website and read up on their nutrition and fitness advice. They even have a free Android and iPhone app to use to help you on your way.

Get intense

Forget about going for slow-paced jogs for hours at a time. They are ineffective and won’t burn off that many calories. Instead, think about high-intensity interval training – or HIIT. It takes maximum effort over shorter periods of time and helps you burn off more calories both during and after your workouts. If you want to get fit quick – and in shorter workout times – then this is the perfect option for you. Check out this link for more details on HIIT and its benefits.

Stay focused

Whatever types of exercise you need to do, it’s important to stay focused. Don’t let your head tell you that it’s OK to miss a workout this morning and turn up every day you need to. It’s the only way you are going to shift those pounds and get fitter than ever – so always turn up and focus for as long as your workout lasts. Good luck!

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Simple Techniques For Losing Weight – And Keeping It Off

Does your weight go up and down more often than the elevators in the Empire State Building? If so, you have a problem. Weight fluctuations can happen to anyone, but getting to your ideal body mass and keeping it there can prove tricky. However, if you want to live longer and stay healthy to enjoy it, it’s something that you need to address. Here are some simple techniques to help you along the path to permanent weight loss.

Lose weight now

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Behavioral patterns

We all go through mood swings, right? And, when we do, it can often result in weight gain or weight loss. This yo-yoing is no good for your body, so it’s something you should look at. Start to recognize those times that you put weight on, or lose too much. Perhaps you tend to eat more to comfort yourself, or maybe you starve yourself when you are feeling depressed. Understanding your triggers can help you go a long way to reaching your optimal weight – and staying there.

Change your lifestyle

The thing about going on diets all of the time is that they are unsustainable. You can’t stay on a diet for life, so have a think about lifestyle changes instead. Learn about what foods are good for your health, and eat more of them. Avoid the bad stuff on most days, but treat yourself once n a while. A little of anything can’t do you much harm. And, if you stick to a healthier diet and portion size on most days of the month, you will find that your weight flies off.

Do more exercise

Here’s the thing about exercise – it builds muscle. And, when you build muscle, your body burns off more fat. When you add that to a lower calorie intake, and healthier food, you will find that you are losing weight fast. The trick is, again, to make this a change to your lifestyle. It’s not a case of doing a fitness program for 12 weeks and then going back to your sedentary life. Instead, you need to do that fitness program and then maintain your levels. So, at least three days a week you should be doing at least half an hour of intense physical exercise. It will help keep that weight off, and help you maintain your overall fitness and health.

See your doctor

Keeping in touch with your doctor is another way to lose weight safely and keep the scales tipped in your favor. They will give you the encouragement you need, and advise you on possible treatments, diet plans, and fitness regimes. Also, they could recommend medicinal treatment. For example, if you are struggling to lose weight but are doing a major diet and trying to keep fit, you may be prescribed hCG shots. These are thought to burn off fat fast and are one of many pharmaceutical weight loss products that your doctor might introduce.

And that, in essence, is all there is to it. A better diet, smaller portion size, and a good fitness regime is all that you need to embrace if you want to lose weight. And if you want to keep it off? Then you have to change your lifestyle, permanently.

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Revealed: The Best Plan For Steady And Effective Weight Loss

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Losing weight is one of the most common goals shared by people in modern society. We all know the basic rules that you must burn more calories than consumed to lose fat. But a large percentage of the population struggle to achieve their targets.

In many cases, the contradictory advice makes losing weight a minefield to navigate. However, with the right plan of action, you are more than capable of shedding those excess pounds. The key is to remain focused.

Here is a foolproof plan for losing weight in the most effective way possible.


Abs might be made in the gym, but they’re revealed in the kitchen. Quite frankly, if you aren’t eating healthily then you’ll never unleash your body’s full potential.

Quick weight loss programs might help kickstart the process. However, the key to long-term success is to find a healthy balanced diet that you enjoy. After all, you should see your dietary change as a lifestyle choice rather than a short-term fix.

Once you’ve discovered a healthier relationship with food, you’ll have a much better chance of losing weight and being happy too.

Use A Little Help

Upgrading your lifestyle is the only way to achieve the best results possible. Nonetheless, you can still gain a little help along the way.

Our knowledge of the human body and nutrition has improved greatly over the past 25 years. The best garcinia cambogia supplements can actively help your body to burn fat. You’ll still need to put in lots of hard work to achieve your goals, but this boost can give you a huge advantage.

Whatever product you go for, just be sure that there aren’t any side effects. Nobody wants to deal with those.

Make The Weight Loss Fun

Input is crucial, but your daily output has an equally powerful impact on your weight and fitness goals. However, far too many people fail to get the desired level of exercise. One of the main reasons for this is that it isn’t fun.

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Physical activity is crucial, but it’s hard to find the motivation unless it’s actual fun. Teaming up with a buddy to make it more of a social activity will go a long way to helping. Meanwhile, exercising on a budget should keep a smile on your face.

You already know that you’ll enjoy the end results. Finding a way to enjoy the process will give you a much better chance of getting there.

Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon

A large number of hopefuls lost their enthusiasm when they don’t see the desired results as quickly as they expect. However, no two bodies are the same. You shouldn’t worry too much if you don’t see progression straight away.

It can take weeks for you to see a noticeable upgrade in your shape and physical appearance. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t improving. Perseverance is key. Meanwhile, it’s important to remember that the magazine models are an unhealthy target. Even they don’t look like they do in those finished photos.

Keep at it, and you will get where you want to be.

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