Unusual Ways To Keep Yourself Fit And Healthy

There isn’t one way to maintain your health and fitness. Sure, some methods are more prominent than others, but that doesn’t make them infallible. The thing about your well-being is that it is personal. You are the only person who knows that works and what doesn’t work. With that in mind, you should try a variety of techniques. Only then will you have the best opportunity to maximize your well-being. Here are some of the most unusual methods that will keep you fit and healthy. Enjoy!


Talk To A Lawyer

Why on earth would you want to talk to a lawyer about your health and fitness? Shouldn’t you want to talk to a doctor? Yes, you should take to a doctor, but a lawyer is also a wealth of valuable information. A personal injury lawyer deals with injuries on a daily basis, from car accidents to slips and falls. As such, they know the causes better than most people. A simple conversation will reveal what you need to do to avoid injuring yourself at work or while on the roads. It might seem a little unusual, but they won’t mind as long as they get paid!

Stick Pins In Your Body

Conventional wisdom dictates that you should never stick pins in your body. Apart from anything else, it hurts. But, conventional wisdom is wrong. Yes, according to acupuncture experts, the human body benefits from tiny needles in the skin. Apparently, the needles alleviate the pressure and tension that builds up inside the body. As long as the pins are on the pressure points, the stress should disappear. For the skeptics, there are medical journals that accredit the legitimacy of acupuncture. It sounds weird, mainly because it is, but it works.

Stand Up

One of the main causes of injury is spending all day sitting behind a desk. For the most part, there is nothing you can do because it is your job. It isn’t like you can stand up and walk out without getting in trouble. But, you can stand up and work from your desk. When you stand up, you straighten your spine and take the pressure off of your joints. As a result, you don’t deal with as many niggling injuries. Take the time to vary your routine throughout the day. Sit down for a while and then stand up so that you don’t get tired of doing the same thing.

The Chocolate Cafe 70% Dark Chocolate With A Good Shine

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Eat Chocolate

Yep, chocolate isn’t as bad for you as you might imagine. In fact, the right amount of chocolate is great for your body. The key is to eat chocolate that has seventy percent cocoa or higher. The cocoa has antibacterial qualities that help to fight illnesses and diseases. In fact, dark chocolate is that good for you that sports stars consume it as part of their diet. If it is healthy enough for them, it is healthy enough for everyone else. Just don’t eat too much. It might be healthier, but it is still chocolate.

And there you have it – the weird and wonderful ways to maintain your health. Give them a try and they might transform your health.


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The Best Sports for Working Your Whole Body

Those who view the gym as their second home will often split their workouts into various categories, focusing on different areas each day, from toned tums to legs, arms, cardio, and overall stamina.

Lots of people love to plan and plot the perfect regime, but for some it’s an unnecessarily tedious task that you could really do without. If you’re not a fitness aficionada, and have no intention of becoming one, sports that work your whole body can be a better option than a comprehensive workout regime.

Luckily, there are lots to choose from, and all will tone, increase your fitness, and build your stamina without requiring an encyclopaedic knowledge of working out. If they sound perfect for you, then here are a few fun pursuits for you to pick from…

1: Rowing

Feb Rowing Camp

Image credit: Steve Burt – https://flic.kr/p/4t63wz

Rowers are known for their broad shoulders and muscled arms, but rowing increases much more than your upper body strength. Its continuous movement is perfect for encouraging you to bend and stretch, and will actually work out all parts of your body, from your legs to your shoulder, back, and abdomen. Even better, it will help you to escape the tedium of the gym, and give you the chance to enjoy fresh air and beautiful waterscapes. For those who prefer team sports, most cities will have a rowing club for you to join, and the friendships you’ll build can really help to motivate your newfound passion.

2: Horse Riding


Image credit: Stefan Schmitz – https://flic.kr/p/nsdtiE

There is a common misconception around horse riding as a sport. It’s all too easy to watch equestrians in motion and assume that they simply sit there, but this is because the aim of the game is to make it look entirely effortless. In fact,horse riding can actually help to burn around 400 calories an hour. It’s particularly useful for improving body awareness, as it not only works the core muscles that stabilise your torso, but also requires an impressive level of coordination and stability. This is great news for your postural strength, and your inner thighs and pelvic muscles are also guaranteed to get a fantastic workout whenever you spend some time in the saddle.

3: Skateboarding


Image credit: Nan Palmero – https://flic.kr/p/j3JD8b

Skateboarding is often perceived as more of a cultural phenomenon than a sport, but it actually offers a wonderful full body workout. Due to the level of flexibility required to skate, it can really help to loosen up your muscles and encourage freedom of movement. Your body must be able to adapt to constant shifts in the position of your feet and legs, as well as a reliance on your arms for balance, and all of this does wonders for toning muscles and improving physical endurance. What’s more, it’s been shown to burn between 150 and 500 calories an hour, which is good news for those with a little extra weight to lose.

If you’re searching for a new sport, could one of these fitness pursuits prove to be the perfect new hobby for you?

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The Foolproof Ways To Return To Fitness After Pregnancy


Immediately after pregnancy, all our time, care and attention will be on our new arrival. Our body has achieved something amazing, and after a recovery period it is natural to want to return to a certain level of fitness. Perhaps you weren’t particularly fit before your pregnancy and now you feel motivated to become healthier. Whatever your reasons, there are a few tried-and-tested ways to feel fit and healthy again after pregnancy.

Eat Clean

During pregnancy, we are often a slave to our cravings. Our body might call out for sugar and salty snacks. We may eat twice as much as we normally would and retain weight for a long time afterwards so that we can breastfeed effectively. Pregnancy is not a time to deprive yourself in any way. But afterwards we may want to return to healthier habits. Try not to limit your food intake as this can quickly lead to binging. In extreme cases it can also slow our metabolism and cause us to retain weight as our body enters “starvation mode”. This happens far earlier than you may expect and long before we would see visible signs. Try instead to keep your food intake high, but ensure that the food is clean and wholesome. Many experts advocate eating double the amount of vegetables that most of us do currently! Green, leafy vegetables like cabbage and kale in particular are full of iron and goodness. Nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit also pack a nutritional punch. Combine a clean, plentiful diet with excellent hydration and you will look and feel wonderful.

Don’t Lose Your Identity

Becoming a mother is a wonderful feeling and will become a major part of our identity. But that is not to say that we have to become an entirely different person. Many new mothers can feel anxiety or depression if they feel like they no longer have time to themselves or have become “invisible”. Ensure that you are taking the time out to pamper yourself. This might mean spending quality time with loved ones or even sprucing up your appearance. We all want to feel attractive and a drastic change to our body can sometimes affect our self-esteem.

Many people have body issues that make them feel extremely self-conscious. They either talk to a professional, or learn more at http://www.roxyplasticsurgery.com/. It may be just as valuable to consider seeking some therapy or communicating with your loved ones. Take decisive steps each day towards feeling more comfortable and positive.

Set Goals

Setting goals early in our return to fitness can help us to stay on track and motivated. By seeing how far you’ve come, even if only in small steps, you are encouraged to continue. Be patient with yourself and try not to compare your progress to others. It is not relevant and can even be discouraging. Little by little, you will achieve your fitness goals and feel more ready than ever to take on the challenge of family life!

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Foods And Supplements That Help You Lose Weight

Most people at one time or another have tried to lose weight. And many of us know that it can sometimes be a tough journey.

The question most of us have is what foods and supplements can help us lose weight the quickest. What does the science tell us about what is out there and how can we use it to our advantage?

Delicious Berries

Image credit: THOR – https://flic.kr/p/7zH9U5


Beans have been a part of the human diet for tens of thousands of years. There is evidence that humans cultivated beans and other legumes well into the Stone Age, not just since farming.

Because of this, our physiology is now well adapted to eating beans. It’s one of those starch rich foods that maintains our ideal weight.

But beans are a little more potent that your average wholefood. That’s because they contain a particular type of starch that is harder for your body to digest. The bacteria in our guts that break down the starch have a lasting effect on our digestive system. When we eat a meal of beans, the glycemic load of the next meal is reduced.

That’s why beans are recommended for diabetics since the earliest times. They help regulate blood sugar, long after they’ve exited our digestive tract. And as a result, they help control appetite and keep us lean.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia xt reviews can be found all over the internet. And there is a reason why. Unlike most weight loss drugs or supplements, there is a lot of evidence that it works. The crucial ingredient is hydroxycitric acid. It’s believed that this acid is what allows people to effectively lose weight.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are the vegetables like kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. These vegetables have a potent ability to keep us lean and reduce the inflammation in our bodies.

Like all vegetables, cruciferous vegetables are high in fiber and water. Both of these factors combine to make us feel full. Our stomachs in a sense have to be filled up. The problem with a lot of the modern diet is the fact that our stomachs aren’t filled up by regular food, like potato chips. So we end up having to eat way more calories than we need just to feel sated.

Cruciferous vegetables also change the type of flora in your gut. And once you start to transition towards better gut bacteria, your weight is more effectively regulated.


Berries are among some of nature’s most potent foods. Berries are what nutritionists refer to as nutrient-dense. That’s because, on a per calorie basis, they’re high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact, berries come in first for oxygen radical absorption capacity.

You can eat a whole punnet of strawberries and not even taken in 100 calories. That’s the same number of calories in a quarter of a chocolate bar.


Like beans, nuts are very low on the glycemic index. They’re absorbed slowly into your body, and they’re high in antioxidants. The longest lived people in the world eat nuts, and so should you.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Trampoline To Improve Your Fitness

a'trampolining 05

Image credit: claudia gabriela marques vieira – https://flic.kr/p/746Sve

It may have been a long time since you use a trampoline and it most likely wasn’t for exercise purposes. The majority of people would consider a trampoline to be a child’s toy. But as well as offering children some outdoor entertainment, it can also be an incredible fitness tool.  Trampolining has, in recent year, become more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. It’s an exercise that doesn’t feel like you’re exercising but still gives you fantastic results. So if you need some more convincing to start trampolining, here are four reasons to tempt you.

It helps build stronger bones

The repetitive bouncing motion of trampolining puts your bones under slight stress and pressure. This encourages your body to develop and improve it’s bone mineral content, making them stronger. Due to this strengthening and increase in density, you reduce the risk of developing health issues such as brittle bone disease. It can also help you rebuild bone tissue you may have lost, making it easier to move your joints. While your bones may be under stress, the flexibility of the trampolines surface also takes most of the impact as you bounce. This means it is protecting your bones and joints while also making them stronger.

It can improve your metabolism

It’s been discovered that doing trampolining regularly can improve your metabolism. Your metabolism is the continual chemical processes that go on inside your body. A healthy metabolism can makes it easier  for the food you consume to be processed and broken down quicker and more efficiently. So if you’re trying to shift those final pounds, trampolining on a regular basis could help you by increasing your metabolic rate.

It gives you a better workout

Some may think that jumping on a trampoline holds little to no effect on your fitness levels. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to running or jogging for 30 minutes. Which means that you get the same benefits but in less than half the time. So in theory, if you continue trampolining for half an hour, you will burn double or triple the amount of calories than you would after a run. It also increases your heart rate and improves your body’s circulation making you more alert and energised.

It can be done at home

There are thousands of gyms, spas and health centres that provide trampolining lessons and classes. But if you don’t have transportation or get anxious working out in front of people, attending these classes could be difficult. Thankfully trampolining is not something you can only do at a gym. You can buy a trampoline that you and your family can use in your garden or buy a smaller one you can use indoors. Making it more convenient and easier for you to work out. Read customer reviews and research which would be the best trampoline for you.


So what are you waiting for? Join a class or buy your own trampoline today and you’ll reap all the benefits in no time.

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Not Shaping Up With Your Efforts? Here’s Why!

So, you’ve been trying to shape up for a while and it doesn’t seem to be working. There could be a number of reasons you’re not seeing the results you want to see. Some of them might really surprise you! Here are a few reasons you might not be seeing results while shaping up:

You’re Ruining it on the Weekend

So many people are fantastic Monday-Friday, but as soon as they wake up on Saturday morning it’s as if they want to sabotage all of their efforts. They gorge themselves silly thinking that it won’t make a difference because they’ve done well all week. They might not even have a takeaway – it might be too much to drink! Ideally, you’ll only be having 1 or 2 controlled ‘cheats’ a week. They shouldn’t be full on treat days!

You’re Going Through the Motions

Maybe you’re not challenging yourself in your workouts anymore, and you’re eating the same things every single day. Going through the motions like this can make your body hit a plateau. Try cooking yourself a healthy meal with different ingredients to those you usually use. Try doing a workout you’ve never done before. It might give your body and metabolism the kick it needs!

You’re Trying to Out-train a Bad Diet

You can’t out train a bad diet. You can eat Mcdonalds, go on the treadmill and burn off the calories. You won’t change the shape of your body though! Eating well and exercise go hand in hand if you want real results. If you eat well and exercise together, you’ll shape up, improve skin condition, hair condition, and so much more. There are lots of benefits! If your bad diet has already had an effect on your skin, there might not be much you can do to help. Ultherapy could be an option for those who’d like to tighten the skin.

You’re Kidding Yourself

Be honest with yourself; how hard are you actually trying? If you go to the gym and spend more time gossiping than working out, you’re not going to get great results. Maybe you’re telling yourself you’re eating well but you’re letting yourself have treats here and there without tracking them. It can all make a difference!

The best weight loss tips for you !

Image credit: Tanvir Alam – https://flic.kr/p/nRcAtS

You’re Training Too Much/Eating Too Little

In some cases, you might not be getting results because you’re training too much or eating too little. Eating too little can make your body hold on to fat, as it doesn’t know when it’s next good meal will come from. Training too much can make your body eat away at it’s own muscle. You might lose weight on the scales, but your body won’t have any shape to it! You need to get the balance right in order to look amazing.

You Need a Cheat Meal

Perhaps you’ve been training 5 times a week, challenging yourself as you should. Maybe you’ve been eating fairly clean, tracking your foods and monitoring treats. Maybe you’ve been doing everything exactly as you should. Yet you’re still not getting anywhere. You might need a cheat meal! Sometimes, a spike in calories/sugar/carbs/fat can give your metabolism the kickstart it needs to burn some more fat.

Good luck!

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