There Is No Excuse For Not Working Out – You Can Even Do it At Home Without Equipment

Nowadays, we are faced with a huge problem in terms of health. We are looking at a worrisome situation in which most people do not even consider working out. Comparing this with the years of the Roman Empire, when it was obligatory to do some sort of physical activity, brings in something that has to be addressed properly.

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There are many different reasons why people say they do not work out. The most common ones are the following:

  • I do not have time to go to the gym
  • I do not have money to go to the gym
  • I do not have money to buy supplements
  • I do not like people looking at me
  • I do not know what to do

Believe it or not, absolutely all of these are just excuses and you can so easily end up reaching the goals that you have without even going to the gym for one day in your entire life. Not all the athletes started their way towards a successful sports career through a gym membership.

Everything that you need in order to lose weight or put on muscle mass is already available in your home. This is the one thing that nobody actually understands when thinking about the various reasons why not to go to the gym. If you take a look on YouTube, you will even notice full body workouts that only require you to have a broom and 2 chairs.

When referring to the financial aspect, working out from home is cheap. Even those that currently want to attend medical billing and coding schools in Los Angeles can get to work from home, make enough money and build a home gym. We can give you countless examples that highlight the fact that you do not need a lot of money in order to work out.

When referring to the supplements, this is just a misconception. Think about what happened when supplements did not exist. There were still a lot of people out there that were full of muscles. Supplementation is exactly what the term implies, something extra that you take in order to reach better or faster results. All that you really need in order to reach any fitness related goal is proper nutrition. There are so many sites out there to tech you what you have to do.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to your wishes and personal needs. It is not at all difficult to find all the information that you need in order to reach any fitness goal you may have. All that you really need to do is use the internet. In the event that you cannot find the exact answer that you need, you can always join fitness forums and ask. The community that surrounds the fitness industry is really connected and can easily give you all the information that is necessary. It is not that difficult. Just remain motivated and focus on all that you can do at home.

Swimming, a Healthy All-round Activity for a Lifetime

Swimming is not only for recreation and sports, it is a healthy all-round activity that you can continue for a lifetime. Doing a regular swim is a great workout as the whole body needs to move against the resistance of the water, thus keeping you fit aside from having fun.

Splashing around maybe considered as a low-impact activity but has a lot of mental and physical health benefits:

  • Builds strength and tones muscles
  • Builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Alleviates stress
  • Helps a lot in maintaining a healthy heart and lungs
  • Better weight management
  • Improves flexibility

Swimming is a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise yet best be certain you know how to swim and do so in a safe environment. Below is a Premier Pools infographic that illustrates the many health benefits of swimming.


How Does Exercise Affect Dopamine And Serotonin Levels?

There are so many things that are not understood about fitness and working out. The truth is that people just tend to look online for quick fixes and do not understand that processes like weight loss and muscle building are really complex. You need to know a lot about this subject and this basically means that education is paramount for your success.

Not many things are known about dopamine and serotonin. These are 2 chemicals that are naturally produced in your brain. They are neurotransmitters that will improve your mood and will protect against various possible mental health disorders. You should know that serotonin will be produced through cardio exercises, decreasing hostility and depression while improving agreeable social behavior. Adequate production of dopamine will improve long term memory and mood. Dopamine will stimulate pleasurable feelings inside your brain, leading towards what is normally referred to as runners high.




The good news is that there are various ways to increase dopamine and serotonin. The easiest option you should consider is going through cardio workouts. To put it as simple as possible, serotonin will be released right after cardio will wear the body out.

The only problem is that cardio exercises will increase body serotonin levels only when the body reaches a certain level of fatigue, one that also includes mental fatigue. With dopamine, different studies did not bring in suitable results in order to gain a conclusion. However, it is believed that exercises will also increase dopamine levels inside the body.

We have to understand the fact that it is really important to work out and to do all that you can in order to get your body to the next level. That will affect your mental side too. Exercising is quite difficult to understand because we naturally tend to start learning about things that we need only when we absolutely need them. You need to do all that you can in order to take advantage of what the body can naturally produce, including serotonin and dopamine.

On the whole, exercise naturally affects serotonin and dopamine levels by increasing the quantities that appear inside your body. This brings in numerous possible advantages for your body. Have patience and basically read all that you can about various exercises that you can do and that you should use based on the goals you have at the moment. Combine everything with a proper diet and always make sure that you have enough rest.

Taking Care Of Your Heart During Exercise: Separating Fact From Fiction

Looking after your heart is imperative. So many of us are aware of this and take positive steps to leading a well-rounded, healthy and active lifestyle. For many of us, we are keen to go running or slog it out in the gym. We are careful with what we eat. We are eager to make sure that our bodies remain a temple.

But, you also need to be aware of how to look after your heart when you are in the throes of your exercise regimen. After all, exercise should be good for your heart, not bad for it.

Here are some ways that you can exercise more thoroughly and ensure that your heart is getting the benefits.


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Exercising in the Heat

For some, the thought of being in the gym is too much to bear. If you love exercising in the outdoors, it’s vital that you are aware of how the heat combined with exercise can impact on your heart. In the summer, it is important that you take steps to keep cool. Your heart will be working twice as hard. So, you need to make sure that you are hydrated. Drink water while you exercise. Avoid high-calorie sports drinks. These will not maximise your bodily floods. Drinking plenty of water will keep your heart happy and stop you from passing out.


Keeping Cool

Keeping cool is vital while you train. Your body is prone to overheating. So, with this in mind, you need to find ways of keeping your cool while you exercise. It is said ‘sweat is fat crying’ but you also need to make sure that you are not overdoing it on your heart. Make sure that you take rest breaks in between training. A quick one minute of recouping is necessary for your heart to catch up. Try to keep under a fan while you train or make sure that you train outdoors in the winter. Keeping cool is essential for your heart’s health.


Don’t Over Do It: Check Your Heart Rate

If you train and exercise within the gym, you need to be aware of the MHR scale on the machines that you are using. Should you hold onto the cross trainer, you will be aware of your heart and how quickly it is beating. The machine will interject your workout with your heart rate. If it goes above the threshold, take your workout down a notch. This is important if you suffer from ventricular tachycardia as you may be prone to a heart attack,


There are some simple ways that you can ensure that you are not overdoing it. For the average thirty-year-old, you should aim for 95 to 162 beats per minute. At 100% MHR your heart can do 190 BPM. However, this can be dangerous for your health. You need to make sure that you are maximising your workout and keeping your ticker in excellent condition. You don’t have to push yourself to the max. You can take a step back and keep your health in check.

6 Things You Should Ask Your Personal Trainer

When undertaking any training program, it is important that you ask you trainer as many relevant questions as possible in order to establish exactly what will be involved and the best means of making the most of your time. You will also want to receive reassurance that your personal trainer is fully qualified and has your best interests at heart. If you happen to be a resident of Victoria’s state capital you might even want to enquire about gym membership prices in Melbourne. Regular sessions at a good gym could prove to be a great means of augmenting your sessions with a personal trainer.


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Below is a list of 6 questions that you should ask your personal trainer:


1. Eating before & after a workout

Many people are unsure of exactly what and when they should eat before and after a workout. A good personal trainer would normally provide a diet sheet as part of the service, but it could be necessary to clarify any points of uncertainty and to inform your trainer of any allergies and food intolerances that you might have.


2. Frequency of training

If you happen to have an existing physically debility or injury, it is important that you discuss this with your personal trainer. Also, if you are planning on augmenting your program by making regular use of a gym, your trainer will need to be made aware of this in order to adjust your regime accordingly.


3. Professional qualifications

Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask your trainer about his or her qualifications. After all, you will be the one that is paying good money for this particular service and you have every right to be certain that you are in the safe hands of a fully qualified professional. Ask to see certificates and documents in order to establish the facts beforehand. A reputable trainer would have no problem at all in providing his or her credentials as proof of competency.


4. Professional Liability Insurance

It is an absolute must that you ask your trainer for proof of professional liability insurance. Failure to provide proof would be a clear indication that the trainer in question is not insurable and is failing to abide by the professional standards of his or her industry. Once again, do not be afraid to ask as it is your health and safety that is of primary concern.


5. Criteria

Be sure to ask exactly what criteria that your trainer would be using when determining your exercise programme. You should expect to be informed by your trainer that he or she intends to carry out a full assessment to determine your individual needs. What you do not want to hear is that your trainer will be providing you with a comprehensive programme that will cover all aspects of a standard training programme. If this happens to be the answer that you receive then you will know that you are not dealing with a reputable professional and your best bet would be to end the discussion right there and then.


6. Personal Suitability

Although your trainer might well fulfil all of the aforementioned criteria, you will still need to establish their suitability to your individual needs. If they have had no experience of training someone of your particular age group or physical disposition, it could well be the case that he or she is unsuitable for the task.



The hiring of a personal trainer is not a decision that should be taken lightly. A reputable personal trainer should be able to tick all the right boxes when answering your questions.





Weight-loss through Food Supplements and Proper Exercise

Confidence and fulfillment are just two of the great feelings that a person experience when the body is in good shape. However, due to the sedentary lifestyle, weight-loss through dieting and exercise can sometimes be a pain in the neck.  Achieving an ideal body weight needs drive and determination that one needs to religiously work hard for it.


29-year old certified public accountant and audit manager, Ethan Manzano revealed with us his weight-loss journey.  “Two years ago, I used to weigh around 205 lbs., “he said.  “It was about that time that I agreed to try out Naturhouse Philippines, which was just about to be formally launched then.”



He needs to lose 20 lbs and accepted the fact that it might take some time before he could lose the extra lbs he hoped to lose. Yet, with his passion, patience, drive and determination, he was able to attain the 175 lbs, his ideal weight proportional to his height of 5’8”.


It was during his college days that he reminisced when he can engage in different physical activities and had the time to play basketball with his fit and trim body. By the time he started to work, he noticed that his metabolism slowed down. His stressful environment became the culprit that made him difficult to engage in physical activities like sports and resorted to eating as a way to come with stress.



It was a good thing that he discovered Naturhouse food supplements, a global brand having more than 2000 outlets worldwide. With the help of their personalized nutritionists, Ethan was introduced and lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Whilst Ethan was on the weight-loss challenge program, he was advised to engage into brisk walking or jogging at the same time to strictly follow a diet regimen which was changed every week, depending on the results of his body to the diet.


He only ate cereals, vegetables, fruits, white meat and drank two liters of water every day for the first week.  These regimens with the help of food supplements in the form of tablets and liquids provided for him by NaturHouse that week together with exercise, Manzano lost 5 pounds in just one week. Amazing!


In week two, he had a similar diet at the same time he was given a new set of supplements. On the third week, only during lunch that he was allowed to eat pork. fish and beef with less oil and half a cup of rice.  Finally, on the fourth week, he was allowed to eat anything and everything, albeit in moderation.  On the last day after he was allowed to eat anything, he was asked to take a crash diet of just eating three mangoes or a big watermelon for one day.  The following week, his diet was back to normal where he could eat anything in moderation with the right food supplements from NaturHouse.


“What makes NaturHouse unique from the other weight-loss centers in the market is that it is not only a food store but it provides a personalized service based on the clients’ body weight or structure,” says Rick Cabanban, Natur House Philippines Project Leader.


Natur House, situated at SM North EDSA in Quezon City, offers a free assessment to clients done and assisted by their inhouse licensed dietitian and nutritionists.


“They create a personalized diet plan and recommend the food supplements based on the assessment. These nutritionists tailor-fit the diet and the supplements based on the needs of the clients and they don’t believe in single supplement. They encourage variety, ” he explains.


Natur House provides a nutritionist consultation free of charge, which is already a big savings whereas if you are going to consult a nutritionist from a regular medical center to give you a diet plan, it will cost you around Php1,500 and that is for a trial program only.


“It is expensive to consult a nutritionist, but now it can be achieved. Our target markets are B and C. During the cost of the method or program system, say the problem is four kilos overweight, we guarantee .6 to one kilo loss weight. So another two months for stabilization (maintenance), that would cost roughly P1,125 per week. That is still cheap as compared to other slimming programs. Here, you just spend 15 minutes per week to a nutritionist who will recommend you the right products,” he says.


Filipinos are really health-conscious. However, they don’t know the food supplements to be considered. “Most of us have the tendency to self-medicate. Sometimes we starve ourselves and when we don’t see the results, we get frustrated. In Natur House, the nutritionist calls the client to check. If there’s any problem, we restructure everything,” Cabanban says. Natur House also encourages its clients to eat five meals a day. During maintenance period, the client goes back to regular eating method.”By that time, the clients’ body has already gotten use to eating in small portions and everything in moderation.”


A global health brand with more than 2,000 outlets worldwide and over four million clients, Natur House has finally reached the Philippines, the foreign company’s first venture in Asia. It is also planning to open 140 stores nationwide, either company or franchised-owned.


One of the best-selling products at Natur House is the Garcinia Cambogia food supplement from the highest quality plants in Asia which contains an extract called Hydroxcitric Acid (HCA) which blocks fat development by inhibiting the enzyme ATP citrate lyase from converting carbohydrates into fat. When we eat too much carbs and sugars, the body just puts these away as fat. The  fat-making process is halted by the HCA in Garcinia Cambogia. Cholesterol is a result of having too much sugar and fat in one’s diet,” said Cabanban.


“Our price range is comparable with other food supplements in the market. The idea is we have the same objective but to get a free nutritionist is an added feature. Natur House does not require any franchise fee when you want to open a business selling our products.  Our advocacy is healthy eating and provide jobs for nutritionists,” adds Cabanban.


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