Tips for quitting smoking

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but it is possible if you are really dedicated to it. Even the heaviest smokers are able to quit smoking as long as they are sure that they want to, and have a few tips behind them to help them to get started. Here are some pieces of advice to help you to give up for good.

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Try an electronic cigarette

This is not necessarily a good way to help you to beat the mental addiction, but it is a great way to help you to wean yourself off of cigarettes physically. With an e cig you can buy e liquid of various nicotine strengths, allowing you to wean yourself off of your physical addiction to nicotine. Eventually you should be down to liquid with no nicotine in it at all.

Tell people that you are quitting

A lot of people don’t want to admit that they are quitting smoking, simply because they are afraid that they will fail. However, you are more likely to succeed with your friends and family behind you, and you are less likely to slip up if you know that people will be watching out for you in case you do slip.

Get rid of all smoking paraphernalia

If you do decide to get an electronic cigarette, this should be the only thing in your home that reminds you of smoking. Get rid of ashtrays, lighters etc, as all of these things allow you to slip back into smoking and signify that you aren’t really making a permanent change.

Set a date and stick to it

You can start trying to cut down or stop before this date, but promise yourself that after your quit date you won’t allow yourself to buy or smoke cigarettes ever again. A vague promise to yourself that you are going to quit is not strong enough to ensure that you stop smoking altogether.

Why You Should Actively Rest To Improve Your Fitness

To become fitter and healthier takes a real commitment from you and everyone you live with. Your diet and activity levels both need to change to enhance your body. You may want to become thinner and leaner, but dieting alone won’t achieve anything in the long term. Instead, you need to combine healthier choices in your diet, with more activity. That activity could be anything from a walk to doing the housework more often, but it is important not to sit around. Rest periods should be active still, but not high intensity.

Walking, Yoga and swimming are very gentle ways to be active but with low intensity. You can use them for relaxing as well as resting. This is particularly true when you are looking to build muscle. The best way to build muscle is to rest adequately between intense workouts. This rest period need not be sedentary and shouldn’t be either. Housework, ironing, playing a musical instrument or gentle stretches all count towards a rest period, but keep your metabolism up in the active scale.

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Using and moving our bodies keeps them supple, improves their strength and stamina, and burns off calories we have eaten. It helps us slim down. It also helps keep our minds active and promotes good digestion. Sitting is great for eating and essential for working, but during other times, keeping active helps our bodies working correctly. Circulation can be improved, and your energy levels should increase too. Most importantly, when you do come to a complete rest in your bed at night, you should sleep soundly.

Building muscle is important if we want to look leaner and better toned. Muscle helps to keep our skeleton protected and supported. It also provides us with the strength we need to complete daily tasks, whatever our ages. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you may increase in weight, but it goes a long way to improving our metabolism and helps us burn excess fat. The expression ‘meat on your bones’ refers to muscle not fat. If someone thought you were too thin, it would be better to bulk up with muscle. This requires a diet rich in protein.

Diet goes a long way to helping our bodies build stronger bones, muscles, and cells. We need to fuel our bodies adequately for it to regenerate, and for it to allow us to sleep well enough for that process to happen. Low-calorie diets are not great when it comes to building muscle, losing weight and looking good. Instead, find a balance, where you get a little bit of everything in your diet. Check out the food groups you need to cover, and then eat enough of everything to sustain your activity.

Eating well and exercising well are just two pieces of the puzzles. You must also sleep well for the body to heal and grow stronger. It is also essential to your mental health and emotional well-being. If you have over done the exercise, the body may be in too much pain for you to get to sleep. Only do what you can on the day that you do it, and always be safe.

Need To Build Muscle Fast? 6 Expert Tips

If you hope to sculpt an athletic figure, you need to work hard and train continually. Let’s be honest, there are loads of myths when it comes to bodybuilding. Right now, you could find a million different advice pieces telling you that they can help you shape up. So, who’s advice should you trust? Well, you should not believe everything you read online. Use your common sense and think about everything you read. First, read these expert tips and take things from there.


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  1. Snack after every workout

After you exercise, do you get hungry? Many people find that working out makes them peckish. Don’t worry, you can snack after you exercise. In fact, doing so will help you to build more muscle than you otherwise would. You should have a high-protein healthy snack after your workouts so that your body gets what it needs. Some people think that if they don’t eat, they will be lean and muscular, but that is not true.

  1. Train between 4pm and 6pm

Studies have shown that the best time to train is between 4pm and 6pm. During those two hours, your hormone levels peak and so it is an excellent time to get active. Believe it or not, there is a lot of science behind training, and you need to know about it. If you want to get the most out of your workout, you must train at the right time of day. Many people get up early and exercise, but doing so will not be as effective as doing it later.

  1. Eat protein (and also vegetables)

As you know, the best way to gain muscle is to eat loads of protein. You may already eat a high-protein diet, but is there more you could do? Of course, there is. You should also make sure that you have loads of vegetables in your day to day diet. If you don’t get the right amount of vitamins, you will struggle to keep your stamina levels high. That means that you might not complete every workout you start. Make sure that you eat lean meat and vegetables for the best results.

  1. Sleep for at least seven hours a night

You might not think that how much you sleep has an effect on your workouts, but it does. To function well, your body needs seven to eight hours sleep every night. If you struggle to sleep at night, you need to do something about it. Insomnia is a common problem, and so you should see a doctor as soon as you can.

  1. Take supplements to help you

If you find your current workout regime hard, you must never give up. Instead, you can take supplements to help boost your stamina and strength. There are loads of formulas out there, and the Maximum Shred review posts usually have a high rating. You should take your supplements before every workout for the best results.

  1. Schedule your workout routine

You need to make sure that you can fit your workouts around your lifestyle. If you feel as though you don’t have time to train, you should get a diary. When you start breaking down your day, you will find that you have more time than you thought you did. That means that you can fit in loads of workouts every single week.

It takes a person with a high level of motivation to become an expert body builder. You need to make sure that you work at it every day so that you get used to it. You may have to change your lifestyle completely if you want to succeed. Use these tips to help you along the way!

Swimming, a Healthy All-round Activity for a Lifetime

Swimming is not only for recreation and sports, it is a healthy all-round activity that you can continue for a lifetime. Doing a regular swim is a great workout as the whole body needs to move against the resistance of the water, thus keeping you fit aside from having fun.

Splashing around maybe considered as a low-impact activity but has a lot of mental and physical health benefits:

  • Builds strength and tones muscles
  • Builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Alleviates stress
  • Helps a lot in maintaining a healthy heart and lungs
  • Better weight management
  • Improves flexibility

Swimming is a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise yet best be certain you know how to swim and do so in a safe environment. Below is a Premier Pools infographic that illustrates the many health benefits of swimming.


Basic Guide in Finding the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Every woman wants to experience a new major hair makeover but can’t decide on the best cut that will bring out not only a new look but a lively and gorgeous hair easier to manage as well. There are a lot of different hairstyles to choose from that we see in the hair magazines. And because more often than not we cannot find and decide which cut will suit us, thus, we just tend to consult the salon hairstylist upon sitting on the salon chair.

Though it is alright to seek consultation from your hairstylist, it is essential to know the important considerations in choosing a new hairdo. You should first consider your facial features. The shape of your face, your hair type and lifestyle can help you decide on the style of the hair cut that will complement your looks.

Using the sassy hair  guide below can help determine your face shape and hairstyles that will suit you.

hairstyle for 6 face shapes

How Does Exercise Affect Dopamine And Serotonin Levels?

There are so many things that are not understood about fitness and working out. The truth is that people just tend to look online for quick fixes and do not understand that processes like weight loss and muscle building are really complex. You need to know a lot about this subject and this basically means that education is paramount for your success.

Not many things are known about dopamine and serotonin. These are 2 chemicals that are naturally produced in your brain. They are neurotransmitters that will improve your mood and will protect against various possible mental health disorders. You should know that serotonin will be produced through cardio exercises, decreasing hostility and depression while improving agreeable social behavior. Adequate production of dopamine will improve long term memory and mood. Dopamine will stimulate pleasurable feelings inside your brain, leading towards what is normally referred to as runners high.




The good news is that there are various ways to increase dopamine and serotonin. The easiest option you should consider is going through cardio workouts. To put it as simple as possible, serotonin will be released right after cardio will wear the body out.

The only problem is that cardio exercises will increase body serotonin levels only when the body reaches a certain level of fatigue, one that also includes mental fatigue. With dopamine, different studies did not bring in suitable results in order to gain a conclusion. However, it is believed that exercises will also increase dopamine levels inside the body.

We have to understand the fact that it is really important to work out and to do all that you can in order to get your body to the next level. That will affect your mental side too. Exercising is quite difficult to understand because we naturally tend to start learning about things that we need only when we absolutely need them. You need to do all that you can in order to take advantage of what the body can naturally produce, including serotonin and dopamine.

On the whole, exercise naturally affects serotonin and dopamine levels by increasing the quantities that appear inside your body. This brings in numerous possible advantages for your body. Have patience and basically read all that you can about various exercises that you can do and that you should use based on the goals you have at the moment. Combine everything with a proper diet and always make sure that you have enough rest.