Ageing with less Wrinkles

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Are there secrets to have a wrinkle free skin? Do we really need to avail services of a reputed dermatology clinic? 
Be aware of the fact that sunlight ages the skin. As we become older, fine lines are beginning to appear on the parts of our body where sun exposure is at its greatest, in our face, neck, or at the back of our hands.  
Every now and then I check and monitor if I already have a crow’s feet from the outer corner of my eyes .  My dermatologist taught me if I will not tend to these crow’s feet lines, it will deepen and expand.  We can reduce wrinkle appearance by applying preventive measures. It may not totally lessen the lines but lines may appear smaller and finer which may be unnoticeable in a glance.
Aside from sun exposure, one’s occupation and outdoor recreational activities are some added factors that promotes wrinkles.
I minimize wrinkle appearance through:
  • Avoiding the sun, I always bring my umbrella whenever I will go out and commute for an errand. 
  • I wear sunscreen, the higher the SPF (Sun protection Factor) the better. 
  • I refrain from squinting, that’s why I wear my eyeglasses or reading glasses when I work in front of my laptop. Frequent squinting also causes wrinkling face skin. 
  • I try to sleep at least 6-7 hours nightly. 
  • Fruits and vegetables are always included in my daily meal. 
  • Drinking plenty of fluids,water or juice. No more soda for me as much as possible 
  • I learned that it is not good to over wash our face, the skin has natural oils that moisturize and protect the skin from wrinkles, and frequent face washing will strip off the natural oil 
  • I use the right facial cleanser suited for my skin type.
  • As of now I only use topical treatments such as moisturizers before I sleep at night, I also apply intense collagen anti-wrinkle serum and resurface deep wrinkle serum. 


my favorite facial products
Well, as long as I will continue my facial regimen I think I will still be far from cosmetic procedures.  Maybe, I will just opt for glycolic acid peels or diamond peel because I do not want to undergo laser resurfacing, botox or plastic surgery procedures. 
Here is my latest picture, can you guess how old am I?  Honestly, it is not edited in photoshop, no make-up, only a touch of lipstick and face powder

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