Factors behind Hair loss

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Thinning hair causes us to appear older. In females hair thinning may be brought by hormone imbalances. These hormonal changes tend to weaken hair. Other aspects to consider are anxiety or stress, inadequate nourishment, ailments and response to particular medications, childbirth and menopause, repeated coloring, styling, curling and straightening.
Prior to hair falling out, be aware of the early warning signs and indicators of hairloss including persistent dandruff, flaking and cracking as well as scalp soreness and irritability.
Proper care should be done to avoid more damage. Hair conditioning is very important after every shampoo.  Treatment products like Novuhair, a hair solution to help solve hair thinning to keep baldness away.

Fanny Serrano a renowned beauty stylist, shared how he once had a problem with hairfall and hair loss. He personally endorses and shares the healthy hair formula based on his personal experience of using the product. His advice to those whowant to try it is to use it twice a day, which is in the morning and at night.

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