Clean the Air inside your homes with an Air Ionizer

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This Air Ionizer did a great job for my family, especially with my youngest son whogreatly suffered from Asthma.  At the time Yahmir was experiencing frequent Asthma strikes, our Allergologist recommended us to buy this gadget to help lessen the attacks and it really was a great relief.  

Air Ionizer
Air ionizers eradicate microbes like mold spores, bugs and germs from the home atmosphere.  It works as an air freshener. It neutralizes stink from pets and even cooking odor to give a cleaner fresher home surroundings.
This air purifier helps us to breathe better. Because, it is portable machine, I can bring it from one room to another, only an electric socket is needed to make it work. It has been years since we bought it, I just periodically replace the mesh and through proper care and handling it lasted and still in good running condition.
How does it work?  Air ionizers sanitize the air by transmitting molecular particles into the room. Those tiny atoms, also known as ions, attachto oxygen in the air to generate a negative charge. Once it becomes a negative ion, the molecule attaches itself to pollen, dander, dust and odor to form a cluster. The ionizer then pulls the cluster into its air filter, the reason why the sieve should be cleaned or replaced systematically. 

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