Step Into a Healthier Lifestyle

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Being healthy isn’t just about eating the right things. But keeping yourself fit doesn’t necessarily mean buying expensive equipment or joining a swanky gym either. There are loads of little steps you can take to improve your health and you can start with exactly that – a few little steps.

The average person takes about 3000 to 4000 steps per day – with many managing fewer. Which is a shame since it’s so easy to get a little extra exercise just by walking around. You need to aim for 10000 steps per day, including some moderate-paced walking that’s enough to get your pulse going. A pedometer can really help by monitoring just how far you’ve walked and give you the incentive to reach your target.

You can start by making journeys on foot rather than by car or bus. Walk your children to school, perhaps or walk to work a couple of days a week. If you take the bus then make a point of walking a few stops further or getting off before your destination. Take the stairs instead of the lift – or even leave your phone upstairs so you have to climb up to get it. Just make sure you leave it somewhere you can hear it!

Leave some time in your day to take a walk – either in your lunch hour or after work. Not only will it help you reach your target steps but it really helps to clear your head too. Arrange to meet with friends for a social stroll – even if it’s just window-shopping in the high street. If you live in the city then check out, a comprehensive route planner for over 40 UK cities with detailed maps, descriptions and tips for urban walkers.

Just a few simple changes to your daily habits will make all the difference to your health – one step at a time.

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5 thoughts on “Step Into a Healthier Lifestyle

  1. Here in the Netherlands, biking is our daily physical routine: it’s more a necessity than recreation, which we luckily truly enjoy.

    When we were still in Germany we walked a lot because it seems a waste of time to wait for the bus, even if they came on time (schedule are listed at the bus stop) and almost every 5-10 minutes, because most of where we have to go are 5-10 minutes away!

    I love having physical activities that are naturally incorporated in our daily life because it’s efficient and gives us more family quality time. Also, as a mom of three daughters, I would rather save money than pay a gym to torture me! lol

  2. How I wish I could visit Netherlands sometime in the future 🙂 nice place as I see in the pictures 🙂

  3. I have bought a pedometer a few weeks ago. It’s a good motivational tool to keep me active. I enjoy walking more and whenever there’s an opportunity to walk around, I do that. Seeing the numbers go up in the pedometer reading makes me feel good knowing I am doing something good for my health instead of just sitting around. I have managed to get an average of 7,000++ steps last month. Now I am aiming for 8K or higher.

  4. I hate walking. When I’m in Manila, I don’t have a choice but to walk. My feet were sore because of climbing up and down the stairs in LRT stations. I used to enjoy walking when I was younger but I think that I’ve gotten the hang of it. Or worse, I think I’m getting old. Wah!

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