How often should De-worming be scheduled?

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De-worming is a very common procedure done for kids but adults as well should be de-wormed regularly depending on the environment and place a family lives in. Serious health problems are often caused by worm infestations according to medical studies.

Children, in particular are easily contaminated and infested by common worms such as threadworm or pinworm, round worm, whip worm and hook worm. The rate of growth and weight gain of kids who are regularly de-wormed is higher than those who are not.

How often should de-worming be scheduled? Generally, de-worming once every six months is sufficient. Yet, it is important to consult your doctor to get accurate information on the prevalence of the parasites in your area and to know the de-worming interval that should be adopted.  If you have pets inside your homes, just like in our case, I de-worm the whole family on a yearly basis and our dogs every six months.

There are a lot of anthelmintics available in the drugstores, mostly a one dose chewable tablet that is effective in killing all common worms mentioned above. It can be taken orally that requires no special procedures such as diet or use of laxatives, dead worms are expelled from the body on the next day’s bowel movement.  However, again it is best to ask your physician on what de-worming medicine is best suitable for your family with the proper dosage to be taken to keep the parasites at bay.

Proper sanitation and frequent hand washing should always be observed. De-worming is one of the best answers for many of the childhood illnesses.

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