Wearing Pearls for Luck and Protection

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I grew up wearing pearl earrings.  My mom believed that having it worn all the time will drive away illnesses and could protect me from serious harm.  The pearl earrings have been passed on through generations and because I have no daughter I gave the pair to my sister.

freshwater pearl bracelet for kids

Pearls are of different kinds and varieties. Freshwater pearls are so simple, yet so elegant, which is why thousands all around are wearing them. These gems make a statement that is indescribable. They are considered the oldest gems in the world today known as the “Queen of Gems”. Being worn by thousands worldwide, everyone has them and if not, they want them! Pearls are known to offer powers, love, luck, protection and deepening romantic relationships are just some of them. Children will wear these precious gems because today they are thought to keep them safe. Since it is the only gem created by a living creature makes them that much more unique and special, with them you’re able to show your true individuality. No two pearls will be the exact same making each one that much more romantic. Two pieces will be slightly different in shape, size and color.

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