Live a better quality of life through Nutritional Supplements

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Being a mom, ideally I am thinking that the food I serve on the family table contains all the nutrients that the body needs, unfortunately, this do not happen. My husband and children dine in the house during breakfast and dinner on weekdays and only on weekends can I ensure them of a complete day’s diet.

In order to make up for the nutritional deficiency, boost and strengthen the family’s overall health and energy I find it important for us to consume nutritional supplements to account for deficiencies and complete the vital nutrients that our bodies need.  

As my dad is suffering from hypertension and I am having heart problems, Circulan is the best supplement we have known by far that helps improve blood circulation and maintain immunity. This add on diet can help fight hypertension, stroke, heart problems, cholesterol control and cancer. For my husband, it serves as a natural stress reliever that lessens his sleeping discomforts. It also can augment concentration, enhances memory, heightens resistance to common infections and maintain youthful vigor and vitality.

CIRCULAN comes in a soft gel capsule that contains extracts from four (4) potent herbs that work synergistically for proper blood circulation. It is a food supplement that has approved FDA benefits. For more than a decade, it has helped innumerable families stay healthy together. People from all walks of life can attest to its abilities by maintaining their body full of life and vigor to pursue life’s fervor.

Just like what Circulan promises “Dahil sa tuloy tuloy na alagang Circulan we can all have the chance to give back the love and care that our family and friends also continuously give us. Now is the time when we should value our health to ensure that we’ll have even more time to spend with our loved ones today and in the future. Kapag tuloy tuloy ang alaga, tuloy  tuloy ang healthy and happy life! Circulan, Nasa dugo lang yan!”

When it comes to protection against asthma, bronchitis and influenza, my children are taking Lungcaire Plus. The anti-oxidants,13 interacting vitamins and minerals, specialized nutrients, powerful anti-oxidants and 8 synergistic herbal components it contains can make cells and lungs stronger, as it safeguards and boost the body’s immune system against pollution, second-hand smoke and dust. It naturally helps fight lung diseases. “Ang Lungcaire Plus ay iyong kasama sa pagkakaroon ng malusog at matibay na baga, a supplement that will make your lungs healthy and strong to face life’s joys and challenges I-Lungcaire  mo ang baga mo, for everyday protection”

Keep up the family’s optimum health, take nutritional supplements and live a better quality life.

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15 thoughts on “Live a better quality of life through Nutritional Supplements

  1. I haven’t tried these two supplements but hubby and I also take some herbal stuff from time to time. We alternate taking stuff for good health. We believe in that. But we lack exercise and the will to eat healthy. So we just take supplements. LOL

  2. Haven’t tried Circulan but I heard from a friend that it truly works for him and his family. So, once I get all checked up, I’ll mention this to my doc.

  3. thank you so much for sharing this. i don’t have a family of my own yet, but i’m not hettong any younger. at the same time, i have my parents to take care of. so this comes out very helpful. 🙂

  4. same here my husband also takes herbal meds and supplements for his prostate enlargement 🙂

  5. sis check on their website for more info and details, it might be of great help for your parents 🙂

  6. I send my mom vitamins too since I can’t be there to take care of her, at least I know she’s having the right vitamins and minerals…I think this will be good!

  7. GETTING. lol…that was supposed to be getting and not hettong. sorry ate joy! yep, i will. we’re really looking for supplements for my parents. they’ve consumed all the supplements they brought home from the US.

  8. It’s nice to complement regular meals with nutritional supplements to highlight the needed vitamin boost of the person.

  9. oh yes, this is indeed a wonderful reminder. I take supplement of iron from time to time especially during monthly period because I get a terrible headache and it seems to be the only cure. My grandparents also long supported vitamin supplements and well my Grandfather is fit and sound at 87 so I am not complaining =)

  10. Hi Joy. I heard a lot of good things about Circulan. Since my husband is hypertensive we are planning to try this one. Thanks for the information.

  11. Sorry but I am not just into supplements though I heard some positive remarks about these brands. I think eating a balanced diet will do.

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