Physical therapy, an initial treatment for Spondylolisthesis

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My mom was operated for a cervical herniated disc in 2003, titanium screws were implanted to her lumbar 4 and 5 to secure its place at the same time bone grafting from her right hip was done to replace degenerated disc between the vertebrae to stimulate bone healing. My siblings and I together with our Dad and husbands were allowed to witness the operation through the viewing room.  I saw how the operation was done from start to finish. The operation was a total success! Thanks to Dr. T. Castro, one the best Ortho-surgeon in the country.

Lately, my mom is again suffering from lower back pain. Through x-ray results and symptoms described, she was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis – retrolisthesis or the backward slippage of her bones in her Lumbar 4 and 5.  

She was prescribed with anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers at the same time she was advised to undergo a series of physical therapy sessions. Due to my mom’s present age of 70, to undergo a physical therapy is the most conservative and first/initial treatment given to her based on the symptoms occurred, as the therapy can help to intensify movement of the lumbar spine and hamstrings and will as well strengthen her core abdominal muscles.

The following are my mom’s initial treatment and prescription:

1. 16 sessions of Physical Therapy Treatment which includes:

a. Intermittent pelvic traction (a device is used to do the traction for 20 minutes)

mom on her pelvic traction series

b. Therapeutic Ultra sound thermal treatment, massage. Deep heating for pain relief

therapeutic ultrasound

c. therapeutic exercises – please see my Williams’ Flexion Exercises post.

d. TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)


2. Continued use of her customized back braces.

my mom’s customized lumbar brace

3. Complete Bed Rest while under medication, her medicines makes her sleepy, enough to get her rested

4. Daily stretching and  flexion exercises.

5. Medications – daily intake pain relievers and anti-inflammatory/muscle relaxants

6. No long walks, no bending, no lifting and no strenuous activities.

The rehab center where we go for her PT sessions
Me, my mom and her therapist after her session

After the 16 sessions of her PT Treatment we will get back to Dr. Castro to find out if the therapy had worked out, IF NOT then SURGERY is the next option :(.

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7 thoughts on “Physical therapy, an initial treatment for Spondylolisthesis

  1. I hope your Mom a speedy recovery and that further surgery would not anymore be needed.

  2. You’re such a very helpful and thoughtful daughter and your mother is lucky to have you taking care of her during these difficult and painful treatments.

  3. I really hope that the physical therapy will improve your mom’s current condition so she won’t have to undergo another surgery. God speed!

  4. I hope she feels better soon and yes, hope she won’t go another surgery. It’s hard for old people to undergo this procedures…

  5. Like the others, my hope is that your mom’s therapy bring positive results to avoid surgery…Keep your hopes up!

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