Face Make-up – to wear or not to wear

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For a woman with bare natural beauty or artificial beauty wearing make-up is one of the most common topics of conversation among men during lunch breaks or drinking sprees. Wearing of make-up has been a fad among women which started centuries ago. Cleopatra is one of the famous figures in the Western culture portrayed as great beauty, as she wears colorful face make up that made her even more beautiful. 

However, is there really a need for a woman to wear face make-up? Well, my answer is yes and no. Make-up in general is used to accentuate your best features, as some women look much better without it while some look prettier when wearing it.

Some jobs prefer and require wearing of make-up while at work, like Flight attendants, some with corporate job positions, actresses and more. Wearing it on attending important events and occasions will add glamour to the wearer.

Nevertheless, proper cosmetic application should be well observed. Daytime application should attain a soft look, as much as possible light and natural looking while heavy make-up is worn during night time events and parties.

It is recommended to experiment on colors in order for you to know what color combinations will look good for your eyes, cheeks, and lips. A lot of tutorials can be read on beauty magazines or in the internet so that your inner beauty will shine on the outside when applied appropriately.

In my case, I only apply cosmetics when we attend formal gatherings, otherwise I only put on a daily light face moisturizer, pressed powder, a brow liner, lipstick and a dab of blush to enhance a luminous skin.



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