Hand Washing – The Most Effective Infection Control

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The human population is nothing compared to the millions of microbes in this planet. Just like us, these microbes need to survive and therefore look for hosts wherein they could feed. Unfortunately, the human body is their favorite place to live with.

When these microbes start to disrupt the normal immune system of humans, infection occurs and eventually weakens the person. Thanks to Alexander Fleming for discovering the antimicrobial property of Penicillin which eventually became the first generation antibiotics. However, these bacteria managed to evolve into something stronger and tougher and can no longer be destroyed by the medicine.

A lot of researchers spent their whole lives to continue the work of Fleming in order to upgrade the generation of antibiotics based on the strength of the strongest bacteria they could discover. Up to this time, the battle between bacteria and antibiotics remained to be an unending war in the field of medicine.

This continued research is of great help but it would be much better if the focus would be on prevention. Applying the saying “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure”, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention named Hand Washing as the most effective measure to prevent the spread of the causative agent of infection which happens to be the horrible microbes.

However, the effectiveness of hand washing would also depend on its frequency. Several hours after hand washing, the hands are once again susceptible to the entrants of the harmful bacteria. For that matter, Hygiene Science Inc. has come up with the revolutionary Hygiene 24 and Hygiene Pro.

Hygiene 24 and Hygiene ProThe mentioned two antimicrobial solutions will continue to work even after it dries up on your hands or to the surface applied on. Their sanitation standard is worth any other expensive infection control solutions because literally they work overtime unlike any other antiseptic solutions in the market that will just dry up and stop working.

For more information and details, visit www.hsi.com.ph and Hygiene Science Beyond Clean Facebook Campaign at www.facebook.com/247protected.

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