Tips On Keeping a Fit and Sound Horse

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I have given a few tips before on taking care of dogs on our farm and also a little bit on horses. I will say that I am an avid fan of horses and being a farm girl gives me the opportunity to work with a wide range of animals. I spend a lot of my time on the farm caring for the horses as this is my passion and also my specialist field. Through working with horses all my life I’ve picked up quite a lot of practicalities and like to just share a few little care tips that I’ve found work wonders and have improved the overall well-being and happiness of my animals.  

Firstly, using horse fly repellent is important, this is something that I only started putting on my horses about a year ago and have found that they are less agitated especially in the summer months and rainy seasons. It doesn’t matter how clean your stables are or the environment that is around them. Flies will appear from anywhere; they love the water, they love cool evenings and they will bother your horse constantly. If you’re going to leave them out in the field then using some sort of repellent will mean that they will not be constantly bugged by these pests.

Also, I use a horse hoof care product mainly in the summer as I find that they get cracked and sore very easily. It kind of works as a moisturiser for the hoofs and I’ve found that they are a lot more comfortable running on the dried up harder soil in the hotter months.

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Lastly, I use a lot of omega horse supplements as I find this really good for their joints and it also sends valuable proteins to their muscles thus it helps ease any stiffness. I also give them some garlic supplements to boost their immune system.


My last tip of the day is to get your supplements online rather than going to a pet or animal shop. The savings are absolutely remarkable and as I buy in bulk I get further discounts as well.

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