Win instant prizes while keeping fit with Circulan’s Fan of the Week and Pick up line Contest!

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Staying in the pink of health with the help of nutritional supplements is a great step towards completing the vital nutritional requirements that the body needs, enabling one to enjoy life to the fullest.

Circulan is one of the most trusted health supplement in improving blood circulation and maintaining excellent  immunity. Recently, it has come up with an exciting promo for consumers who want to have a chance at winning amazing prizes – Circulan’s Pick up line Contest and Fan of the Week. 

A new iPad WiFi & 4G 16gb , Blackberry 8250 and Sodexo Gift Certificate will be given away to lucky winners of the Circulan’s PICK UP line CONTEST.

Joining is so easy!

Just follow these simple mechanics in order to make a valid entry:

  1. Think of an original, catchy and most sellable Pick up line that is related to Circulan’s health benefits or somehow associated to Circulan’s message in providing essential body supplement such as: Circulan ka ba? Kasi ikaw ang Circulation ko…, Circulan ka ba? Kasi you give my heart and blood reason to flow…
  2. Purchase at least five (5) capsules of Circulan.
  3. Make sure your receipt is dated two (2) days before or after posting your Pick up line entry.
  4. One (1) Facebook account per proof of purchase is valid for one (1) entry.

Now, to become the Fan of the Week, the first step is to visit Circulan’s FB page and get more of your friends to like and visit the page. Be active! Watch out for hints and clues given each week by the Circulan team for the Fan of the Week category. The lucky Fan of the Week winner will get 1,500 pesos SODEXO gift certificate and gift packs!

Maintain a youthful vigor and vitality while getting an opportunity to win fabulous rewards. Visit their Facebook page to learn more about updates and start clicking!


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