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Exercise doesn’t just stimulate our bodies, it jump starts our brains in the morning too! Crunch PT offers a range of competitive corporate packages for groups and workplaces to slip in a cheeky workout during the day so your colleagues can get out from behind their desk and get their blood pumping.

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There’s a large body of peer-reviewed evidence that documents the health effects of office jobs that involve sitting down and staring at computer screens. Emotionally, being tied to our desk for extended periods affects our happiness and productivity at work. Introducing a workout into the mix can remedy a large number of health and fitness problems caused by office jobs, including poor posture and core strength which can lead to back problems later in life, or even mental fatigue from staring at computer screens for too long.

A lack of core strength causes us to slouch; compressing our organs, particularly our lungs, so we take shallow breaths and causes our spine to bend. Extra weight on your midsection can further encourage this potentially dangerous behaviour.

Constantly staring at a computer screen can be tiring enough, but it’s also creates tension in your neck and spine while you make fine motor movements of your head. Stretching and strengthening these muscles with a CrunchPersonal Training corporate package can teach your colleagues to actively manage their spinal health while at their desk with regular stretching techniques and exercises. A practical approach with a qualified personal trainer makes sure that your colleagues both learn and use these techniques to improve their health, happiness and enjoyment at work.

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