Insider’s Guide From A Dietician To Stay In Your Best Shape During Pregnancy

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When you’re pregnant, the sense of responsibility is huge. Suddenly, everything that you eat has the potential to affect your baby, sometimes with devastating implications. Here is a guide from a leading dietician on how to stay in your best shape during pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins

Many women dread taking their daily prenatal vitamin tablet; however it is essential to make sure both you and your baby are in the best possible health during your pregnancy. Both the size and the smell can be really off-putting, but you can combat the other side-effects of this important tablet. Try taking it at night to reduce the feelings of nausea and bloating that can sometimes occur. Make sure you don’t take the tablet on an empty stomach, as this will amplify any feelings of nausea you may experience.  

Explore the Nutritional Values of Your Food

This might seem like common sense, but when you have your baby’s development to consider, it is imperative that you have a balanced and nutritious diet. Make a book full of fun, delicious, low-calorie recipes that will inspire you to stay on track with your healthy diet. Experts advise that pregnant women should follow a strictly monitored diet, covering each of the essential food groups for the growth and healthy development of the baby. Folate, Iron, and Iodine are all vital for a healthy pregnancy and can be introduced into your diet simply by choosing the right foods. Folate is found in green, leafy vegetables and can prevent spinal bifida. Iron is needed to create red blood cells for you and your baby, and you will need a lot more iron intake once you are pregnant. Iodine is essential for your baby’s brain development. Seafood and eggs are great sources of iodine, in addition to a regular iodine supplement.

Healthy Snacking

Have healthy, low calorie and nutritious snacks available at all times. Most women have found that they eat the worst when the cravings hit: ice cream, chips, and chocolate are all on the ultimate naughty list. Find foods that will still fill the cravings, but which are also full of nutrients which will benefit you and your baby. Try dried goji berries, unsweetened dark chocolate, fresh fruit, or honeyed Greek yoghurt for the sweet cravings. For savoury, have healthy wrap ingredients on hand, or take a handful of mixed nuts to banish unhealthy snacking habits between meals.

Gaining Weight is Ok!

Your body will change and adapt in many different ways during pregnancy, and unfortunately weight gain is definitely one of them. The key here is to understand the difference between healthy weight and excessive weight gain. Excessive weight is not only harder to lose after birth, but can also be a health risk during your pregnancy if not monitored carefully. Keep track of your progress, but don’t be disheartened if you experience a slightly erratic climb in your weight: your body is undergoing an amazing transformation, and everyone will grow differently! Talk to your doctor and dietician regularly about your weight, and they will be able to help you with any concerns you may have.

Work It Out

Maintaining a regular exercise schedule is one of the most important ways that you can stay in shape during your pregnancy. Not only are there a range of health benefits from regular exercise, working out means a much quicker return to your pre-pregnancy body after the birth. Talk to your doctor about an exercise plan, and find a workout that is fun and rewarding for you. You are far more likely to stick to a plan if you’re enjoying what you’re doing! Walking, Pilates, and yoga are all great ways to stay in shape during your pregnancy.

In addition to these tips, it is essential to find a doctor and a dietician that you can really trust. After all, these are the people who will be helping you through every stage of your pregnancy. So eat well, work out, and be in the best shape you can for when your little one is finally born!

Written by Sasha K.
Sasha is a dietician. Her work has brought her to several continents around the world where she discovers diet secret from the wisdom of the local villagers. She is currently writing her ebook on low calorie recipes. She is an adventurous gourmet traveller and loves to sample bizarre local cuisine.

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