Christmas -Tis the Season to Stay Fit and Look Glamorous

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Christmas season is the most cheerful time of the year as it is a religious tradition which starts  December 25 and extends up to January 6. The happiest among the holidays celebrated annually as it is filled with love, sharing and happiness.

The long period of merrymaking brings cheers and delight to people of all ages regardless of gender.  The best occasion to look alluring as Christmas parties is held here and there. Dining and food festivities are unending, thus we must not forget to look after our health too. We can devour on dishes yet staying fit through proper consumption and self discipline.  Count your calories and preferably a medical check-up before plunging into events, social gatherings and festivities. Celebrating the Yuletide season with your families and friends will be more enjoyable if you are at your pink of health.

Don’t stop working out, just because it’s vacation time, waking up late is not an excuse to skip your daily exercise.

Take bonding walks with your spouse or children.  Walking can be a great way to burn extra calories and reduce stress level.

Enjoying your favorite foods in small portions will make you feel satisfied rather than staying away from certain foods that can make you feel deprived which can result to eat more than you intended to.

Go easy with drinking alcohol, as much as possible be a social drinker.

You can survive the holidays by learning how to have a good balance of everything, manage stress, be in control and just enjoy the season 🙂  Happy Holidays!


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