Hairstyles for Ladies

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For women and mothers like me who is always as busy as a bee, usually opt for easy to manage hairstyles. Hair cut varies depending on the length of choice. With the latest hairstyle trends, we could find and select the best haircut that will fit our personality and shape of our face.  We can even ask the hairstylist’s suggestion on the best cut to conform and fit our lifestyles.
I like to maintain my medium length hair, every 3 months I go to a salon to have it trimmed and treated to maintain its natural glow and luster. I can easily manage and work on the hairdo I wanted when we attend cocktails and business meetings.

With my eldest son and my hairstylist at bench Fix salon
Below are suggested hairstyles according to hair length.
For short hair cut 
For medium length hair
For long hair styles
Have you made up your mind? Which among of the hairstyles above have you chosen?

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