High Quality Ball-Handled Pin – Provider of Safety to the Exercise Equipment

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Nowadays, everyone wants to stay fit and active throughout the day. For this the most convenient option is to workout at gym. Gym is the place where exercise can be done with all the fitness equipments. There are fitness experts who offer fitness tips. The ball-handled pins are most commonly used in equipments of gym and fitness centers. The ball-handled pins are also known as selector pins. The ball-handled pins are simple accessories for any commercial or home based gym. These ball-handled pins hold the complete weight in the air at the time of lifting weight.

Importance of ball-handled pins 

These accessories are very small but their importance is big. The fitness equipment is completely based on this small accessory. The ball-handled pins are though small but it is the most important and crucial accessory in fitness equipment. As with every fitness or gym equipment safety is the priority, it is these ball-handled pins which offer it. There are specific rules/regulations that need to be followed in gyms or in industrial or commercial area of weight lifting. Therefore the ball-handled pins are a must accessory. The high quality ball-handled pin is widely used in:

  • Commercial purposes,
  • Construction purposes,
  • Military equipments,
  • Power gym etc

Thus, the ball-handled pins have to be hard and strong enough. The safety being the most important concern of fitness equipment the quality of the ball-handled pin has to be high.

Material Used in ball-handled pins

The materials that are used in the manufacture of high quality ball-handled pin are:

  • Steel – The high quality of Steel of C1.14 grade is most commonly used in shaft material. This steel is a combination of ductility and toughness properties. It is very important that the ball-handled pins are strong enough that it can withstand huge load in small areas. The ball-handled pins have to have the ability to withstand shock when weights are dropped suddenly. That is the reason they are needed to have the ductile properties.
  • Polypropylene or Phenol – This material is used in manufacturing the handle. This material offers a very good finish to the surface. The surface is textured so that the grip can be there on the handle.

Both the materials that are used in the manufacture of the ball-handled pins have to be of high quality. The quality of the materials has to be very high as they are used in fitness equipments.

Description of the ball-handled pins

The model of the basic ball-handled pins is very simple when it comes to construction. A long and straight pin with a ball at one end is the appearance of a ball-handled pin. The high quality ball-handled pin is attached to the fitness equipments so that the weights can be detached frequently and easily. The pin has a chamfered tip so that the pin can be inserted in the right whole it is meant for. There are other models which have ball spring loaded on the shaft or the pin. The ball which is spring loaded provides added stability to the locking and whole system.

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