Tips on Choosing the Best Senior Medical Alert System for an Elderly Family Member

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Elderly family members who are ill often need constant monitoring especially if the particular individual lives alone. Even for the elderly who live in the same house as you do, having a monitoring system in place can still provide added reassurance especially if the person has difficulty moving around or speaking, or if you are not at home for most parts of the day. Senior medical alert services allow family members and most importantly, health care providers, to know if and when a particular senior patient needs emergency medical help.

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How Senior Medical Alert Systems Work  

Most senior medical alert systems utilize alert necklaces or braces that contain pressure sensors that can be manually activated to alert health care professionals when help is needed. Models that are more sophisticated take cues from vital signs and can be set to automatically notify health care providers once these vital signs reach dangerous levels. Most alert systems are worn on the body and are battery operated.

How to Choose the Best Medical Alert Systems:

Obtain referrals from trusted doctors and hospitals.

Perhaps the best sources of information for senior medical alert systems are hospitals. Ask you local hospital what brand of medical alert system they are using for senior patients, and whether they have been using this brand for a long time or not. Your doctor and your pharmacists are great sources of referral information as well. Senior care centers are also a good source of information since more often than not, they use medical alert systems on their patients as well.

Look at independent reviews. 

There are independent review sites that focus on reviewing medical equipment and are in no way connected to the manufacturers. These sites often rate the products according to usability, reliability, and durability, and most of them  have conducted their own actual tests to determine if the products live up to their claims. Check out these sites to see which manufacturers and brands are popular among customers.

Know what features you need.

Most medical alert systems differ in functions and features offered. For example, there are systems that only offer one-way communication with the patient, while others allow the patient to talk to the operator at the other end. The best systems are those that offer two way communication since this allows the senior to provide details about his complaints or health problem, which can help prepare emergency medical  personnel as they make their way to the house.

Know which features are important.

Look for systems that:

• Are known for speedy responses

• Offer excellent connectivity and reliability even in bad

• Offer two-way communication

• Use durable monitoring equipment

Choose a service that experience little to no downtimes, and a service that uses the best equipment, which does not break after a user falls or trips on it. The equipment must be durable enough to withstand the damage caused by pressure or shock, especially since many elderly individuals are prone to tripping over or rolling over their medical alert devices.

Senior medical alert devices are lifesaving devices, which provide immediate medical help for your elderly loved one, even if you are not there. With the many brands and manufacturers of senior medical alert devices in the market today, choosing the best one can be daunting. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to help you narrow your choices down. Get the opinion of reliable sources such as doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals and read independent reviews before you make up your mind. Your family member deserves the best, especially when it comes to his health and safety, so choose your
senior medical alert system well.



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