The Top Five Mistakes Growers Make

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Many people who wish to begin growing cannabis think that this is something that can be done with relative ease. For the most part, these people are correct. This plant is not that complex and does not take a lot of skill to be able to grow. All a person needs is the right knowledge and set of equipment. However, this does not mean that every person can just pick it up and have a successful harvest. There are five very common mistakes that growers make during their first couple attempts.


Watering a cannabis plant is something that every beginner over does. The cannabis plant has a very delicate life cycle that requires the right amount of attention for each stage. During the germination and vegetative stage, the marijuana plant begins developing a root system and leaves. This is the time where most beginners decide to drown the plant. A cannabis plant should be fed water every fourth day. As the plant develops its root system, it will need more water. Just make sure you stick to the every four days schedule.


Feeding your plant with nutrients is essential to a prosperous harvest. However, too many nutrients can burn the plant and overall ruin the quality of your cannabis. The basic nutrients a grower will need are phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium. A lot of different soil comes with nutrients already mixed in. It is important to know what nutrients a soil contains and how many of those nutrients are in there. When feeding your plant nutrients, be sure to measure the amount of nutrients placed into a gallon of water. This will help prevent nutrient-burn.


A lot of movies portray growers who constantly spray there plant with water when they are under light. This is the WORST thing you can do to your plant. Leaves do absorb water, but this is not needed because that is what the roots are for! Misting your plant can cause a crystal like substance to form on the leaves, which can cause the light system to burn the plant.

The Grow Area

There are many things that can harm a plant, while it is in the grow area   Temperature is something that should be heavily moderated. Too cold or too hot can cause the plant’s growth to become stunned or cease. Parasites are another major concern. Spider mites are every grower’s worst nightmares. It is important to pick an area that is clean and spider mite free. Air-circulation is another major concern. You want your plant to be able to absorb fresh air so don’t select a grow area that is surrounded by an air-tight perimeter.

Let the Plant Grow

Every beginner wants to always do something to improve the cannabis growing  process. This might include excessive-watering, nutrient-burn, a need to check on the plant every 5 minutes and even adding more and more light to the plant. Let the cannabis grow! You are only doing more harm to the plant by not letting mother-nature take its course. I recommend checking on the plant twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. If you make yourself wary of these common mistakes, your first grow should be very successful.

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