When to consider a doctor’s second opinion

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Doctor's second opinion
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It was year 2005 when my husband was diagnosed with enlarged prostate and bilateral polycystic kidney disease, as the cysts were big and filled with fluid, the first urologist we consulted want my husband to undergo an immediate surgery to take out the cysts and at the same time he advised of Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) to remove the prostate gland. That was really a tough diagnosis and the treatment options were overwhelming.  

Normally patients just follow along what doctors tell, I know they are in charge but as the wife of the patient I need to know more, I just cannot let my husband lie on the surgery table without knowing if there are any other options or procedures that can be done aside from an instant surgery procedure. Just like every other individual, doctors are not perfect, as such they are also subject to human error even in treatment of their patients.

Upon getting out of the physician’s clinic, I told my husband that we will see another urologist for that matter. So, I immediately called my friend doctor and even him was shocked so he advised me to see another specialist for a second opinion. I don’t see any harm in getting a second opinion for I am uncertain of the recommendation given by the first doctor. My instincts were right, the second urologist fully explained to us what are the risks, possible treatments and gave us options for procedures that can be done.  Instead of kidney cysts surgery he recommended for a cyst aspiration which is an outpatient procedure. For the enlarged prostate he prescribed medicines as there is still no need for TURP, a Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and biopsy was also recommended.

I am very much aware of medical malpractice and it can happen anytime, the reason why I am very careful and selective with the physicians who will handle my sick family member. A lot of patients have been victims of different forms of medical malpractice and it is public knowledge that we cannot just simply have the hospital or the doctor held liable for medical malpractice in an instant. It’s a good thing that nowadays there are experts who can work hard to resolve such cases.  So, if you feel you may have been a victim of medical negligence but are unsure of what to do next, take advantage of availing the services of these medical malpractice specialists.

In my opinion, if you are uncertain and doubtful of the diagnosis given by a doctor based on tests that do not have conclusive results, or when the questions you’ve asked have not been answered nor explained well, then it is about time to consider a second opinion for various treatments and procedures, for it will truly be a lifesaver.

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9 thoughts on “When to consider a doctor’s second opinion

  1. I think whenever the complications are severe then its safer to have a second opinion just to be sure.

  2. It’s best to always follow your instincts, especially in cases like this. It’s a good thing that the doctor you went to for second opinion is way better than the first one. Some doctors would immediately suggest surgery just so they earn a whole lot more. Sadly most of us still believe everything said by the doctors.

  3. i don’t usually go for second opinion until I was diagnosed with a tumor in my breast. I was too scared that it’ll going to be the cause of my death.. And fortunately, both doctors got the same diagnosis. Though the first doctor said its nothing serious, I still wanted to be sure and of course hear that one more time from another doctor. And when I got the same answer from the 2nd doctor, its just the best news I got ever!

  4. Second opinion – something patients and their loved ones should not forget in the midst of a diagnosis and all the emotions that go with it. I will never do anything as huge as going under the knife until all angles have been considered. Medical malpractice specialists – bless them.

    (Sometimes it’s sad. Kahit family friend mong doctor diretsohin kang sabihin ‘buksan na natin yan ngayon na…baka magsisi ka’ it happened to my cousin. glad she waited and searched for options. ngayon buhay pa sya at very healthy. one instance that things turned out well for not listening to just one and first opinion)

  5. It’s the patient’s right to ask for even more than 3 opinions as long as he/she wants to or the family’s decision to try other means to find the best treatment for the disease.

  6. I agree, it is important talaga to ask a second perhaps third…I don’t know why it happens pero diagnosis from one doctor to another could be different…

  7. I honestly haven’t gone to ask for a second opinion on anything…haven’t went to a serious instance like you but it really is best to have other doctors looking into matters…for your own peace of mind and security…

  8. It is indeed important to get a second opinion in serious cases. Especially when you see that despite the medication given by the first doctor, the health of the patient is not improving.

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