Botox, the fountain of youth potion

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Botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox is a potent tool that has modernized and revolutionized the practice of aesthetic medicine. It is now regarded as the fountain of youth potion.

Botox these days is utilized in most cosmetic procedures, its excellent results made it renowned as the anti-aging drug.  Here are some of its most common cosmetic uses:

  • It provides the remedy for a sagging face skin, through Facelift.
  • It can make the snub nose turned into a sharp nose through the Noselift procedure. 
  • It can narrow flaring nostrils.
  • The solution to achieve fuller lips
  • It lifts and shapes the eyebrows to enlarge one’s eyes.
  • It can minimize large pores, laxity and improves skin texture.
  • It is also used in firming up and lifting up of the breasts

This anti-aging drug is considered as the best option for the aesthetic field that provides beauty and youthful look.  However, if you are interested to undergo a Botox procedure, make sure you to consult only the licensed and experienced physicians to avoid unwanted and disgusting results or side effects.  Remember that it is a drug and every drug has risks and side effects if not properly used.  Never be attracted on cheaper procedures done by unskilled users. Investigate and do your own research about the clinic or aesthetic facility that offers such procedure.



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