Children Coughs and Colds, Home Remedies

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Coughs and colds are very common during cold weather; children most likely get easily infected since these are usually caused by a viral infection.  A common cold symptoms starts between one to three days and typically run its course in seven to ten days. If there are no other complications these infections normally clear away on their own.

coughs and colds

According to medical studies, the common coughs and colds symptoms are contagious during the first three days. So when a kid goes to school and comes home having a runny nose, it means that the viral infection was passed on to him by a classmate or a schoolmate sneezing or coughing. 

Some over the counter medicines can help ease the symptoms, but do not administer antibiotics because it doesn’t kill viruses so it won’t help. The body naturally fights the colds and coughs, so it is important to boost the immune system by taking enough vitamins and supplements that will combat possible complications.

There are several home remedy suggestions in nursing colds and coughs.

  • It is necessary for the patient to stay hydrated, let him drink more fluids.
  • Nasal drops or spray can help clear stuffy nose for a more comfortable breathing
  • Plenty of rest and sleep. Encourage him to eat nutritious food and fruits.
  • Research has shown that honey can help ease coughing but should not be given to babies younger than one year old due to the risk of infant botulism.
  • Sleeping or resting with the head elevated can make children feel more comfortable by improving drainage.
  • Paracetamol is only given to ease pain, do not self-medicate.

If the coughing and colds are so severe wherein fever exists, it is a must to seek medical advise. Persistent high temperature may indicate other illnesses like flu.

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