5 Reasons We Should All Make More Charitable Donations

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There are literally thousands of charitable organizations that are constantly asking for donations. There are charities for world hunger, the environment, the homeless, research of various diseases and many more things. If a person does not have a lot of money, the decision to donate to charity is a big one. So why should a person give some of their hard-earned money to charity? Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why a person should donate:

1. Charity boosts motivation

Charitable giving can help to increase your own motivation. This can give you the strength to accomplish your goals. It is common for people to work hard in support of charities they are passionate about. Since the act of giving is a fulfilling experience, this can increase an individual’s personal motivation. People who donate on a regular basis often express a desire to donate more. Since a person can only donate more money if they have more money, the drive to achieve more financial success in given to the person.

2. Tax benefits

This is a popular reason for charitable donations. The majority of charitable donations are awarded various tax rebates by most governments around the world. It is an ideal way for a person to save income that is taxable. Most charities give donors a list of tax saving options before they make their donations. This allows the donor to choose the specific charity that they will give their money to. 

3. A way to commemorate love

We live in a harsh world. Suffering is everywhere you turn. Nowadays, love is in short supply. Helping your fellow human beings in their time of need is a rewarding experience. If you had a loved one that suffered from a specific illness, donating to a charity that is trying to cure that illness is the perfect way of showing your love for that person.

4. It reflects your own inner values

Donating to charity is an indication of an individual’s own inner values and beliefs. Helping out a cause that you care deeply about can bring you happiness. It is common for people to donate to charities that they morally agree with. If a person really cares about a specific topic or issue, donating to charity is an ideal way to express that passion. It may also succeed in getting other people to donate. Many people are easily swayed by the actions of others. If your friends find out you donated, it may be easy to convince them to make their own donation.

5. Because you can

This is the most important reason why a person should donate. Many people spend their entire lives in a never-ending quest to gain wealth. However, simple greed often prevents people from donating what they should. It does not matter where we live, what our religion is or what race we are, all people must share this planet as one large family. Giving back in whatever way we can is the responsibility of every human being.

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Juliet is an Accountant from Sydney, Australia. She says that there are many reasons for people to donate to charities and believes that we can all do more to help.

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