An Apple a Day

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Keeping yourself healthy with a trim body and steady eating regime is never easy, especially at the beginning of a New Year with the prospect of having to show some skin in the summer. It should be a motivation to start a healthy diet plan and burn some calories but really it makes me want to shrivel up in a hole. This year, I thought it was about the right time to stop trying to go at it alone with made up diets that I somehow thought would work and sign up to a bigger movement.

The Dukan diet has been around for a while since Pierre Dukan has been working in nutrition for over 30 years, but the website has only just celebrated its second birthday. When looking around for a new diet, I stayed on this website longer than the others as the interactivity really attracted me. The four integral Dukan diet phases are designed to get you through your diet efficiently with the maximum amount of help and guidance at each stage. The first, Attack, is the most brutal involving rigorous and vigorous workouts and an incredibly high-protein diet. However, I see it as once this is over it’s a piece of cake.

an apple a day

By the end of the second phase, Cruise, you will have reached your ideal weight. And the final two phases, Consolidation and Stabilisation, are not just about teaching you how to lose weight with Dukan but also mentoring you in order to show you how to maintain the new you for the future.

But whatever happened to an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, people these days are so conscious about their weight (which many put down to celebrity culture and the media) that we are finding more and more people visit their doctor for information on how to lose weight. It is always advisable to seek advice before embarking on a diet like Dukan to make sure you will be able to see the diet from start to finish both physically and mentally.

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