Effective and Natural Remedies for Sinusitis

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Throbbing headache, inability to breathe properly and an annoying pain in the facial area; these three would most likely indicate that you’re having sinusitis. It is basically caused by bacterial invasion within your sinuses causing it to secrete more mucus in an attempt to keep them out of your system. As a result, accumulated mucus with bacteria clogged the passageway causing the inflammation.

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Because of our desire to get rid of this pain immediately, we resort to drinking synthetic anti-bacterial medications. However, anything synthetic would always have harmful effects in our body most especially to our kidneys. That’s why, before these foreign chemicals get into us, it would be better to make use of those natural remedies to treat sinusitis which can be equally effective.

Drinking a lot of water can do a lot of wonders and whether you believe it or not, it keeps the mucus inside your sinuses as thin as possible. Apply some moist heat on your face using a gel pack or a damp towel several times daily to facilitate airway clearance. Another way of doing it is to breathe in warm and moist air from a steamy shower or in front of a basin filled with hot water.

These are just some of the home remedies to get rid of sinusitis the soonest time possible. However, if symptoms persist, immediately seek for professional help.

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