Staying Fit And Healthy On A Long Haul Flight

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Airplane Cockpit

On a long haul flight lasting eight hours or more, it can sometimes end up being a thirsty, tired, cold, restless and uncomfortable ordeal. But it doesn’t have to be. Following the six tips below will ensure a relaxed and enjoyable journey.

1.) Keep Drinking Fluids

Because your flying at such a height, the oxygen in the aircraft contains less moisture. This means it’s very easy to get dehydrated when flying and this can result in bad headaches. A change in measures since 2001 mean you can’t carry more than 100ml of fluid past security. You can do two things here. Make sure you buy your bottle of water after going through security! Of course, don’t hesitate to ask the air hostess for water whenever you need it on your flight. It is their job to make sure you have a pleasant flight. 

2.) Meals

In most long haul flights, the flight operator plans for the time zone you are flying towards. Meal times are also scheduled in this way. It can range from minutes to hours before you are offered your first meal. Even if you are not particularly hungry when the food is offered, make sure to accept it and try to eat something. Eating meals is a big psychological influence on your body clock. As such, eating a meal at the wrong time is one of the biggest causes of jetlag. It’s never good to be eating dinner when you know you should be eating breakfast!

3) Keeping Active

Just because you don’t need to go to the toilet, that doesn’t mean you need to remain seated. Keeping active on a long haul flight ensures your blood circulates properly around your body which helps you stay warm. It also prevents you from feeling stiff and sore after your flight. On long haul flights, the back of in-flight magazines will often contain a page or two of stretches and small exercises to keep you active in this way. Airlines will know only too well what parts of your body need to be kept active, so trust these exercises and follow them.

4) Keeping Warm

Although keeping active helps you to keep warm, it’s still very easy for your extremities to get cold. After remaining seated for an extended period of time, your hands, legs and feet will often start to feel chilly. Your airline should provide you with warm socks and a blanket. If it is not offered, ask. There is nothing worse than feeling cold when seated for so long! So if in doubt about whether the airline provides this, take precaution and bring your own.

5) Avoiding Jetlag

Many people make the mistake of trying to adjust to their new timezone after the airplane has landed. This can be a fatal mistake! If you’re on a business trip for the weekend, you don’t want to spend all of it feeling groggy and tired. Even if there is an alluring entertainment system provided, featuring hundreds of films you’ll never get the chance to see again, it is best to try and ignore the distraction. Along with following the airlines meal schedule, the best rule of thumb for avoiding jetlag is to look out for when they dim the lights. When the lights are dimmed, you know it’s time to sleep. Ensure extra comfort by bringing a neck cushion. The micro beaded cushions are best.

If your booking a cheap airline this winter, hopefully these five tips will help you on your long haul flight and ensure you have a safe and pleasant journey.

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