Electronic Cigars, a healthier option for Smokers

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electronic cigars

The electronic cigars came out a couple of years ago with an aim of cutting down the number of cigarettes consumed by smokers. It also provided a healthier option as it is said to have friendlier ingredients that reduce ones’ need to smoke, therefore also helping one who is trying to quit smoking altogether. New generations of electronic cigarettes are slimmer and slicker than their older counterparts. They used to look a bit bulky for market appeal so makers worked at the “mini” and convenient approach to make them look like a real stick of cigarette.

Compared with a real cigar, electronic cigars also have some tobacco taste and flavors but they lack the harmful substances emitted when one lights a cigar to smoke. An electronic cigar is composed of the casing which houses the battery, the atomizer and a renewable nicotine chamber. Electronic cigarettes also produces smoke-like vapor and glows at the tip just like a real cigar. The nicotine cartridge has strengths in standard, medium, low and non-nicotine cartridges. It also lasts around the same time as 15 to 20 sticks so you get to save more money by using these as you work your way to successfully quitting smoking.

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