A Big No to Swimming in Manila Bay

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The celebration of Easter Sunday is well fussed over by Filipinos. After fasting and doing away with earthly possessions and desires during lent, people head down to the beach or some pools and resort to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. You can see people from all walks of life travelling from their homes to the nearest beach resort or water park with picnic baskets and kids wearing colorful swim wear and hugging an inflated toy. For those in Manila, the nearest beaches fit for swimming are in Batangas, Bataan, Subic Bay or Olongapo in Zambales. There are also nearby resorts such as those found in Antipolo City, Laguna, Bulacan and others.

Recently, it has been reported that there were a good number of families swimming in the murky, dirty and polluted waters of Manila Bay. It is a fact that Manila Bay these days has been so polluted that even fishes die in this area and some deadly flesh-eating disease (necrotizing fasciitis) is present here. So the news of people swimming here is simply incredible! The Department of Health have issued a lot of warnings to stop people from swimming yet a lot of them still do. It was shocking to see some people bring their kids and babies for a dip! The authorities should be stricter about this and should really stop people from swimming in Manila Bay.


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