Some Treatments to Reduce Sweating

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sweatingIf you suffer with the problem of hyperhidrosis, does it keep you from living a normal life? Hyperhidrosis is a condition where the body produces an excessive amount of sweat due to many factors. It may be psychological or physiological, but either way it is detrimental to the person going through it. Imagine being out on a date and suddenly you feel stressed out and start sweating profusely. Your date may think you look like a pig, and you will probably feel that way too. Your confidence zooms down the drain. Below are some sweat treatments ways that you can reduce excessive sweating.

Bathing – Taking a bath regularly will help reduce sweating. Good hygiene is very important for people suffering excessive sweating. Wash with a mild soap and warm water. Always dry between skin folds on the body, such as the underarm area. 

Deodorant – Always use deodorant. There are plenty of good deodorants on the market today. These range from sprays, powders, lotions and creams. Try to find a deodorant that has a 20% or above aluminumchloride content. The aluminum chloride content prevents sweat from coming through the surface of the skin.

Wear Loose Clothes – Try to choose clothing that is looser fitting, made of cotton and light. Stay away from clothing made from nylon and other synthetic fibers. These fabrics do not allow the skin to breathe. Wear clothing that is light in color. Darker colors like blacks and navy will absorb the heat faster. The more layers of clothing you wear, the more you will sweat. This is why you need to dress light.

Drinking Water and Other Fluids – Always drink lots of water. Water will help keep your body cooler, and it replenishes the lost fluids that sweating produces. There are other fluids sold on the market that have several vitamins and minerals to help replace what is lost. Drinking tomato juice and sage tea both help to lessen the sweat production and activity.

Spicy Foods – Try to stay away from spicy foods and foods that contain caffeine. Both of these will trigger your body to sweat a lot more as the heart rate increases. Cutting back on these foods or just staying away from them altogether will decrease the problem with sweating.

Botox – If none of the above remedies are effective for reducing sweat, Botox is a method that you can try. Botox provides instant relief, but over a long period of time, it will wear off. The other negative to the Botox is that you will have to have treatments repeated every six months. If you do not go for follow-up appointments, there can be side effects.

There are other ways to help reduce excessive sweating. If you are experience problems and cannot find any good relief, it might be time to consult your doctor.


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  1. Hi Sarah
    Excellent tips on how to treat sweating. If none of the above work there is always the last ditch option of having surgery. Keep up the good work.

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