Tips to prevent dry skin this summer

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The nice sunny weather lures people to go to the beach to swim, enjoy water sports or just bask in the sand. Other outdoor sports and family activities like camping bring fun and excitement during summer time.

While you and your family enjoy outdoor activities, on the other hand we tend to forget to protect and care for our skin. We need to remember that the natural skin moisture evaporates as it is the effect of the warm summer air. Skin dryness is uncomfortable and unattractive. Most likely, the first visible signs of skin dryness can be seen on the elbows and lower legs.

Here are several tips to prevent skin dryness during this hot season.

Consider cooler, shorter showers during the day. A hot shower during this season can tend to dry out skin and wash off the skin’s natural oil.

Always remind your kids and family members to apply a shielding lotion or a sunscreen before jumping into the pool or lying lazily on the sand.

Use a milder soap, anti-bacterial and fragrance-free ones as much as possible to render cooling effects for the body too.

Exfoliate; remove those dead layer of skin cells before you moisturize to allow your skin to absorb the nutrients in the moisturizer.

Get easy with those towels, just lightly pat your skin and leave it slightly damp to seal in the extra natural moisture on your skin.

Use a daily facial moisturizers with spf to protect your face from drying that can cause wrinkles and dark spots.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and keep away from direct heat of the sun to prevent heatstroke.

Sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-bacterial soap from the the country’s most prescribed brand of cleansers and moisturizers by Dermatologists and Pediatricians like Cetaphil can bring a clear hydrated skin from head to toe, best for the whole family.

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