Football for Youngsters and Teens

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People from different corners of the world love playing ball – especially football. It is considered as one of the most influential games and some countries fully support their teams. Because of its growing popularity, kids and young adults even from countries where football is not very popular are becoming really interested to play. Football players are said to be some of the strongest legged athletes with the most stable minds.




When your teen shows interest in playing football, you should encourage and support them the best you can. This sport will require them to follow a strict routine, to be disciplined and dedicated in the workouts and training. This will build their stamina and concentration so that they can focus on the game and on winning. Youngsters who trained football are bound to have effective concentration spans and are more patient in activities they get involved in. It makes them competitive yet helps them develop the right attitude towards others. This game requires teamwork and cooperation thus players are oblige to let go of their differences and tune into one another for the win.



Many popular football players have become strong influences to today’s youngsters. There is so much that this game can give as it is not only an enjoyable and challenging sports, you will also see schools and colleges introducing the game for extra-curricular activities for the advantages it offers to teens.

Photo credits:  Photos above are my nephews Josh and Justin Arevalo, the sons of my cousins Jay and  Jozy.  Two teens fully supported by their parents in their aspiration to play football 🙂


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