Top Tips for Preventing Hay Fever

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hay fever


All hay fever sufferers know the feeling. The summer comes round, the sun comes out, but whilst everyone else is enjoying the lovely weather, your eyes are red and streaming with tears, to say nothing of the itchy nose and continual sneezing.

It’s true that there is no cure for the allergy, but in addition to the great medical treatments that are available, there are practical steps that all sufferers can take to prevent the onset of symptoms in the first place. Let’s take a look at the best ones.


Think carefully about what activities you take part in

As a hay fever sufferer, it’s sensible to take this into account when deciding how to spend your free time and also how to share out the domestic chores in your household.

One of the worst things that you can do is go outside and cut the grass, as this will whip loads of pollen into the air. You can almost guarantee you’ll be suffering from hay fever in no time. So, get someone else to mow the lawn. Now you have a legitimate excuse for not doing this chore!

Whether it’s participating in sports or going out for a walk, try to avoid places where there’s a lot of grass. There are loads of great indoor sports options and something like basketball can be played outside on concrete.


Take sensible precautions around the house

You spend a lot of time at home during the periods when you’re most prone to hay fever (evenings for example). Therefore, it makes sense to do everything you can to make the environment as conducive as possible to preventing the onset of symptoms.

Leave your pets outside as they will bring pollen into the house on their fur. If keeping pets outdoors is an absolute no-no, then make sure his fur is thoroughly cleaned as often possible – get someone else in the house to do this!

Vacuum and dust the house regularly. This is an obvious one, but the cleaner your house is, the less pollen there will be in it to irritate you.

Avoid keeping fresh flowers in the house. If you really need some floral adornment to brighten up your surroundings, there are some fantastic fake flowers available now: you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference!

It’s a sensible health step anyway, but it’s especially important that no one smokes in your house if you have hay fever. The smoke fumes will further irritate the linings in your nose and can result in any hay fever symptoms you suffer being even worse.


Be smart when you’re out and about

Obviously, you can’t spend your whole life indoors. When you do venture outside, wraparound sunglasses are a great investment, as they prevent the pollen from getting at your eyes. Likewise, a small amount of Vaseline applied under your nose can work wonders in stopping the pollen in its tracks.

When you’re driving, keep your car windows closed. Modern car air conditioning systems are brilliant now so, if you’re lucky enough to have one, this shouldn’t be too much of a bind. Keep your eye on the weather forecast and try to minimise your time outside when the pollen count is particularly high.

Once you get home, have a shower and change your clothes to minimise the amount of pollen you bring back into the house with you.
So, as you can see, there are lots of simple steps that you can take to prevent hay fever symptoms. Try them all and see which of them work best for you. They’re sure to go a long way to preventing hay fever from ruining your summer!

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