Natural Ways to Prevent Cervical Cancer

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cervical cancer


Among the big C’s or cancers that people become afflicted to, cervical cancer in women is said to be one that can be prevented through natural methods. Part of taking care of a woman’s reproductive health is having regular Pap smear test wherein a gynecologist can check if there are any changes or abnormalities in the cervix. Continues studies are being made to find out how women can combat the main causes of cervical cancer. Some of the methods found to be effective are:


Taking foods rich in folate

People with low folate in their bodies are more at risk to cancerous injuries. Women with inadequate intake of vitamin B are known to have weaker cervical membrane which makes it prone to injuries and infection.  Asparagus and spinach are recommended for higher dose of folate intake.


Relax and de-stress

Chronic stress is one of the reasons why a person develop lifestyle diseases thus it is advised that even the busiest individual should a lot at least 10 minutes of their day for relaxation. Read entertaining books, pamper yourself with a massage and some soothing music to help strengthen your immune system.


Drink tea

Green tea in particular is known to be rich source of antioxidants which helps fight cancer cells. Maintain your body’s health and protect yourself from the threat of the big C’s by drinking a few cups of green tea every day.


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