New year, new you: Kick-starting your fitness regime

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Having indulged in one too many mince pies over the festive season, you probably vowed to make 2014 the year you become a buff, gym-going god. If you’re still lounging on the sofa with beer belly in tow, here’s everything you need to know to kick-start your fitness regime.




The gym is not the only option

When it comes to getting fit, many people instantly head for the gym – it’s the only way, right!? Wrong! Before you cough up an extortionate membership fee, make sure you consider all of your options.

Why not reignite your passion for that sport you once played a school? It’s a great way to get fit outside the confines of the gym. Don’t worry if it’s an obscure sport either: chances are there will be others in your area who share the interest.

Look out for teams advertising for players on sites like Gumtree – or how about setting up your own? Generate interest on social networking sites and put up posters in your local sports centre. Once you have a team together, you can make sure you look the part with your very own strips. Sites like Custom Planet are great for getting custom T-shirts printed.


Enlist your buddies

Many people have difficulties staying motivated while trying to get fit: their determination usually lasts a few weeks before dying out completely.

Exercising by yourself could be held accountable for this, so get your friends involved in the health-kick action too. They’ll make working out much more enjoyable and provide some much needed motivation during those tough sessions.


Invest in the right equipment

The purse strings are tight for many of us in January, as a result of our splurges over Christmas and the New Year. However, if you’re serious about getting fit, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment to help prevent injury.

Equipment can vary depending on the sport you choose, but it’s a safe bet that you’ll need a decent pair of running shoes and a selection of sports clothing.

You could even invest in some gadgets to help you get fit. The Nike Fuelband SE is a wristband that monitors your physical activity and tracks your progress. Sync it with the specially designed app and compete with your friends to see who can achieve the most. If that’s not motivation enough, we don’t know what is!


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6 thoughts on “New year, new you: Kick-starting your fitness regime

  1. My only workout buddy at home is my little girl. LOL! I like to mix around my fitness or find new ways that doesn’t get me bored because I do get bored easily. I wish I have a friend to workout with. My husband runs and I just started going back to running and now I am mixing abs workout and hulahoop workout. This should be interesting!

  2. I have been trying to get into the grind lately.. It’s been going fine. I wish I could afford to get me a treadmill soon.:)

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