How to Detect A Stroke Attack

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Stroke is a fatal disease that can happen to people of all ages nowadays primarily because of unhealthy diet, lifestyle or medical condition. It is deemed to be a traitor disease that can even bring death in an instant.

It is important for each family member to learn and know how to detect a stroke attack. The person who is suffering from stroke may not even notice it, so somebody should be aware if something unusual is happening to him/her before it’s too late.  

Early detection after the appearance of the symptoms and prompt treatment through taking the stroke patient to the nearest medical facility for proper evaluation and intervention can save lives.

The following are the common symptoms that should be observed in order to detect if a person is suffering stroke:

  • Crawling numbness from the either left or right leg, going to the arm up to the face;
  • Face drooping
  • Speech difficulty, unable to talk properly or comprehensively, or slurring of speech;
  • Disorientation, having troubles in understanding and bafflement of time, place or people around him or her;
  • Sudden blurring of vision or inability to see things clearly;
  • Inability to walk or move one of the outer extremities like arms or legs;
  • Inability to stand firmly, loss of balance
  • Sudden onset of severe headache without cause
stroke signs
facial drooping
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If two or three of the signs mentioned above are present, better seek medical help as fast as you can.


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