The Path of Testosterone

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If you are considering a Nature’s Plus testosterone supplement or just feeling the effects of lower natural testosterone levels in your body, it is interesting to take a look at the path that testosterone is going to take over the years. This is slightly different for everyone, but there is a general trend that can be observed, which stays true for almost every man in the world. Understanding how this works can help you to see what your body is doing and why it is happening.

You should know that testosterone is very important to the growth and development of your body. It helps to push your body into puberty. Therefore, the levels begin increasing around age 12. In just six years or so, by the time that you reach age 18, you testosterone levels are going to top out. This is the highest that they will ever be in your life.

After that, the levels begin to drop again. Most men do not notice any change at all until they are around 40, but the levels have been sinking slowly from around age 25. After they hit age 40 or 45, men may begin to notice that they have less energy or a reduced sex drive. Since your body is no longer growing, it does not need to produce as much, and this trend continues on into old age. When you get to be 80 years old, your testosterone levels are quite low, only half of what they were at 18.


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  1. I really have no clue about how important testosterone is ..thanks to your blog i have some insights about it.

  2. i don’t know a lot or probably anyone, personally that is, who takes supplemental testoterone. could it be promoted by physical activities too?

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