Stay Fit and Pretty Through Menopause

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Most women find menopause to be an extremely difficult period in their lives. There are biological changes happening and even while their body is fit, there are discomfort and symptoms that they have to deal with. Most women in this period experience forgetfulness, anxiety attacks, moodiness and others. It sounds overwhelming, but the easiest way to counter this is to stay fit and take effort to look good.



Take some exercise class with some friends. Consider yoga, zumba, pilates and others. These activities will help your body produce Endorphins and give you a great feeling of well-being. Train for a marathon and other physical challenges if you can. Shift to a healthier diet rich in Omega-3 for a healthy heart and body. Lessen sugar consumption to prevent inflammation – hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats.


Take care of your physical appearance. Get your hair styled, go get a manicure and pedicure once and a while. You are not just being fit but you are also looking the part. Get the recommended hours of sleep each night so you wake up fresh and revitalized every day. Read, meditate and continue to enrich your mind. And lastly, laugh – don’t stress out too much it’s all part of life!

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5 thoughts on “Stay Fit and Pretty Through Menopause

  1. My mom has a very active lifestyle. No wonder she passed through menopause gracefully:) Thanks for this post. I’ll surely remind myself to stay healthy and active so that menopause won’t be depressing when it comes:)

  2. Thanks for posting this. I think I have to deal with menopause in just a few years. I slowly feel the discomforts and symptoms. I hope I could find time to do some exercises to prepare my body.

  3. I’m only 36 but I already feel like I’m at my menopausal age – what with the anxiety attacks, mood swings, and sometimes hot flushes. So, thank you for these tips. I can use them now even years before dealing with menopause. 🙂

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