Tips on Coping with Osteoarthritis and Making Life More Bearable

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As osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the UK, around 1 million people suffer with it every year. It mainly affects people older 50, especially women, however; it can affect young people too. It can be hard to cope with the symptoms that come with osteoarthritis, especially since they can interfere with your daily life and stop you completing tasks you once found simple. The best way to cope with these physical limitations is to do everything you possibly can to relieve the pain and improve your physical function. There are things you can do that will improve your ability to cope with this condition, so don’t despair. Here are the tips you need to cope with osteoarthritis and make your life more bearable:


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  • If you think you might have osteoarthritis, don’t delay going to the doctors to report your symptoms. The sooner you know you’ve got it, the sooner you can put methods in place to cope with it. There is no cure, but it can be helped with certain treatments and techniques.
  • Make sure you do everything outlined in your treatment plan to make your osteoarthritis more bearable. Follow it to the letter!
  • You should continuously assess how treatment is working for you, and try different methods in order to successfully control your condition. You could try alternative treatments, injections, surgery, or apostherapy.
  • Protect your joints by avoiding putting any stress or strain on them. Use adaptive equipment if you need to.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of living a sedentary lifestyle! Regular exercise can help you to better cope with pain and any limitations you have. Daily range of motion and strength training exercises should be included in your routine.
  • You should eat a healthy, balanced diet and take multivitamins for your overall health.
  • Try not to let the pain ruin your life. Make time for activities you enjoy, whether that’s reading, writing, playing an instrument, or watching movies.
  • Do what you can to make yourself feel better. This might be a pedicure, a massage, a haircut, or a spa treatment.
  • Have a change of scenery to relieve stress.
  • Ask your family and friends for help when you need it. Support is vital to making your life more bearable.
  • If you need to make adjustments for work, then do so.
  • Keep a diary or journal to help yourself remember things and vent your frustration.
  • Join a support forum filled with people who have the same condition as you. By surrounding yourself with people who know what it’s like you’ll feel like you’re not alone.
  • Don’t forget to balance rest and activity. It’s very important to stay active, but having rest days is equally as important.
  • Keep up to date with news about arthritis so you stay well informed on new treatments and ways of coping.


By keeping a positive outlook, teamed with the tips above, you can learn to cope with your osteoarthritis more effectively. You don’t have to let it affect your life as much as you think!

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