Top Tips on Protecting Your Hearing

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Keeping your hearing healthy is important if you don’t want to go deaf later on in life. Controlling how much sound you’re exposed to and going on a ‘noise diet’ can protect your hearing from any potential future problems. This post will give you some top tips on protecting your hearing, so you don’t need to worry about those future issues cropping up:

protecting your hearing
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The majority of cases of deafness are caused by damage to the small hair cells in the inner ear. This is usually a result of too much noise, and it’s irreversible. This means the key to keeping your hearing healthy and intact is to avoid too much loud noise! The louder a sound is, the less time you can listen to it safely. A sound doesn’t have to be hurting your ears or even annoying for it to be unsafe and damaging to the ears.


At one time, the most common cause of hearing problems was noisy jobs like roadworks. However, health and safety has tightened up and the work environment is now much less hazardous to hearing.


Nowadays, the biggest issue when it comes to hearing is MP3 players and loud music gigs. For this reason, hearing loss is affecting more and more young people.


The key is to try and stay away from noise that’s too loud as much as possible. For example, stay away from the music speakers in clubs, don’t have your MP3 player on too loud and wear ear protection at a loud music concert – especially rock!


As a guide rule, if something is so loud that you can’t talk to somebody two metres away without shouting, then it’s too loud. If you experience pain in your ears at any point, turn the music down and leave the room. Here are some more top tips that can help you:

  • Protect your ears with ear protectors, ear plugs/muffs, and don’t stay around loud noise too long.
  • Don’t listen to your MP3 player ar high volumes.
  • Try using the 60:60 rule – listen to your music at 60% of your MP3 player’s max volume for no longer than 60 minutes per day.
  • Go for noise cancelling headphones instead of in-ear phones, as these allow you to block out background noise and have the volume lower. Do take breaks from these though, to help give your ears a rest.
  • Even a small reduction in the volume of a TV can help to reduce risk to your hearing.
  • Use earplugs when listening to loud music.
  • Take care of listening to loud music while driving in the car.
  • After you’ve listened to loud music, give your ears some recovery time to try to reduce the risk of deafness.
  • If you work in a noisy environment, you’re protected by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 which says hearing protection must be worn daily if the average noise levels reach over 85 db!


If you’ve already listened to loud noise for too long, then you could have hearing damage as we speak. In this case, you’ll need to select an appropriate hearing aid to help you in your daily life. Read these msa30x reviews to help you!


Do you regularly take steps to protect your hearing? Feel free to comment below.

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