Foods You Should Eat To Build Stronger Teeth

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Brushing, flossing and regular checkups can only do so much to keep your teeth strong. The foods you eat are also crucial to ensure you have the healthiest teeth for the longest time. Dentist recommend eating the following foods to improve your overall dental health.


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When it comes to building strong teeth, milk is the first food that comes to mind. According to Abougoush Professional Corp, a Calgary dentist, milk has an excellent source of calcium making it ideal for not only strong bones, but strong teeth as well. In addition to general teeth strengthening, milk’s calcium helps ward off gum disease. For extra benefit, get vitamin D-enriched milk to strengthen your teeth further.


When we think of snack foods, we often think of junk food such as potato chips and sugary treats like cookies. However, replacing these sugary and fatty delights with tasty vegetables like celery is great in two ways. For one, your teeth aren’t being whittled away at by sugars, which erosive and plaque-causing bacteria love. However, the crisp, watery texture of celery also has another benefit–it helps naturally wash away accumulated grime on your teeth. Celery helps get rid of and prevent that nasty bacteria.


Gum disease is awful, especially for those of us who are deeply concerned with strong, healthy teeth. Making sure you get enough vitamin C is a great way to prevent gum disease. And with healthy gums comes healthy pearly whites. Have an orange as part of your breakfast to help keep you vitamin C intake up.


Water is important to strong, healthy teeth. When we eat, bacteria, food bits and plaque can all accumulate on our teeth to make them weaker and possibly even unsightly. Water helps naturally wash away all this grime to keep our teeth healthy and with an attractive shine. Water also helps keep us full, which reduces our urge to reach for the sweets that can damage our teeth.


Eating these four foods is an excellent, easy way to strengthen your teeth. Brushing, flossing, rinsing and visiting the dentist can only take your oral hygiene so far. Fueling our bodies with the right vitamins and minerals and taking advantage of certain foods’ natural abilities to keep our teeth clean can help strengthen them and keep them beautiful for many years to come.

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