Doing Well With Your Healthy Lifestyle But Still Not Quit Smoking? Find Out Why You Should Right Now

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When we have been working really hard for a few months to improve our overall health and fitness, it can be really rewarding to look in the mirror and see some great results. Once you get into the habit of eating well and exercising often, you can really start to find great pleasure in the food and the effort of a workout. When you reach this point, you may even be setting yourself goals that are no longer just weight related. You might want to finish that three mile run in half an hour, or you might want burn a big 600 calories on the cross trainer. You want to be faster, stronger and fitter.

The trouble is, your times and achievements are not improving. When you ask your workout buddies or personal trainer how they are continually improving, they just shrug. None of them want to tell you the cold, hard truth. You’re a smoker, and they are not. Your body cannot reach its full capacity while you continue to smoke the fags. Maybe you just give up your fit dreams there. But then you catch that awful cold that is going around, and it feels like it is taking forever to shift. If you didn’t smoke, you might have got rid of it days ago.

Smoking really does take its toll on the body, its processes and its abilities. Quitting is the hardest thing to do, especially when you enjoy smoking a lot. It is a part of your daily routine and helps you get through even the toughest days. But isn’t your new exercise programme starting to achieve that too? Perhaps now is a really great time for you to cut down and even cut out the cigarettes.

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If patches leave your hands and mouth in limbo, try the nicotine gum. For itchy fingers keen to be part of the process, you could try an e-cigarette. You can even have a look at flavored e-liquids from somewhere like Vaping can help people who really want to continue behaving like a smoker, but know they need to give their lungs and bodies a rest from the harm of it.

It will be a tough process for most people who want to quit smoking, but you may start to feel the benefits in your workout performance within just a couple of weeks. You may cough a little more at first too, as your body is starting to rid itself of the nasties that have been in your lungs and continuously topped up before. Your mood may flatten for a while too, but if you have come this far in your new healthy lifestyle, then you likely have the right positive mental attitude to get through this.

Most importantly, your workout buddies, friends, and family will all be on your side spurring you on and helping you avoid the temptation through those tough times. When you start to see your workout times improve, and you find out what more your body can do, you’ll know it will have all been worth it. Good luck!

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